Stomach Pacemaker Reduces Food Intake

A new gadget recently approved for use in Britain, and designed in California, helps you lose weight by acting as a pacemaker to your stomach. Recently trialled in Germany and yielding successful results, this ‘stomach pacemaker’ acts in a very similar way to a heart pacemaker – when you have eaten food, the stomach pacemaker sends signals to the nerves in your stomach telling you that you are full, and you eat less.

In recent studies, the pacemaker has reduced intake on average by 45%, with people reporting significant weight reductions. However, the gizmo isn’t cheap weighing it at over $20,000. The stomach pacemaker is only recommended for people with a BMI of over 35 as an alternative to other weight loss surgeries.

The best thing about the pacemaker is that it’s a much easier and more reversible concept than getting other surgeries – if you decide against it once it’s in, it can easily be switched off or removed, and it can be inserted with very quick and easy surgery.

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  1. Hadn’t heard of this one, yet! Kind of pricey…Guessing it would be cheaper to just learn to regulate one’s diet.

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