USB Stick Analyzes Air Quality, Detects VOCs, Protects Your Health

Most breathing conditions are made worse by poor air quality, but if you’re inside you can simply improve the air quality by opening a window. Knowing when the air quality is bad is an issue – today’s gizmo is a very simple-to-use air quality tester.

All you do is you plug the USB stick into your computer in the same way you would a Wi-Fi receiver and it will detect any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air.

If the air quality is good, the light will display green. If the situation worsens, the light will turn yellow and then if ventilation of the room is required it will turn red. However, one gas people are particularly worried about, Carbon Monoxide, isn’t a VOC and therefore will not be picked up by the USB stick. You will need a separate device for this.

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