Review: NightWave Sleep Assistant

NightWave Sleep Assistant

NightWave Sleep AssistantHere’s another product that joins the growing ranks of sleep aid gadgets. The NightWave Sleep Assistant is a small box smaller than a deck of cards that produces an upward-projected blue light that fades in and out at a certain frequency and is meant to calm your breathing, thoughts and help you fall asleep faster.

It has five (5) modes, two of which have nothing to do with sleep. The two (2) sleep modes clock in at 7 mins and 25 mins, and there is a 2nd 7-minute mode that is meant to be a mood softener that you can use at any time to soothe your mind. It can also be used as a bedroom flashlight and as a mood light.

The 2 sleep modes operate at different frequencies with the 2nd one being longer (25 mins) and slower. This one is geared for if you need a slower breathing rate.

The NightWave is easy to use – there’s only one button that you press repeatedly to cycle through the modes. NightWave also adds the nice touch of including the battery with the product.

Does it work? That really depends on who you ask. For example, I discovered how to use a simple meditative tactic to fall sleep faster simply by thinking of an object and focusing my breathing on that object in my mind. The NightWave is similar but provides that object for you. On the other hand I’ve spoken to people who tried similar tactics without any success. In my opinion, they probably wouldn’t have much luck with the NightWave either.

One nice thing about the NightWave is that if you find it useful, it is light and small enough to pack and take with you on trips anywhere.

I found the night with to be a bit pricey at $60. However, it seems that aids to assist with sleeping universally carry a high price tag and that there is enough of a demand for them.

Would I recommend it? Honestly, it really depends on the person. This is the sort of device that is highly subjective. Let me suggest this – if you tried meditation before and found that you seem to be on the brink of it working, then I’d say try the NightWave out for a few weeks, and remember that any form of meditation or self-control does not come with the flip of a switch.


  1. If you're looking to save some money there is an iOS App called "Sleep Beat" that does the same thing as Night Wave but for 99 cents instead of $50. Works great and use it anytime I have too much on my mind and can't sleep.

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