Review: OHSO Ultimate Travel Toothbrush Review

OHSO Ultimate Travel Toothbrush I have never been a fan of travel or disposable toothbrushes so when I came across OHSO’s “Ultimate Travel Toothbrush”, I had to give the toothbrush a try. I received a couple samples of this ultimate travel toothbrush to try and spent about a month with the product on several trips.

The OHSO toothbrush comes packaged with a toothbrush and an adapter to fill toothpaste in the base of the toothbrush. The toothbrush includes space in the handle to hold close to a week’s worth of toothpaste so, in theory, you do not need to bring toothpaste on your trip. The mechanism to perform the insertion of the toothpaste is really quite ingenious. First, you take the cap off the toothbrush then unscrew the toothbrush head and screw in an toothpaste adapter. Once the adapter is in place, you squeeze your standard toothpaste (provided your toothpaste has the standard packaging and is not different like Aquafresh’s Iso-Active toothpaste) into the base. When done filling the base, simply unscrew the adapter and screw the head back on and cap. To extract toothpaste for brushing, simply twist the bottom of the toothbrush.

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Even though the ability to store toothpaste in the handle and use your own toothpaste, I really had issues inserting toothpaste into the base. Perhaps I did not have the toothpaste pushed in far enough to the adapter, but I really had issues getting the toothpaste into the base. Once the toothpaste made it into the base, the adapter was a bit messy and needed cleaning up. This should not be a big deal as you do not fill the base daily. Another minor annoyance I observed was that the toothpaste comes out at the bottom of the bristles instead of in the middle of the bristles. Again, this is not difficult to overcome.

I started with the bad news first, but this product has some great features too. By combining the toothpaste into the handle, you have one less thing to remember when packing for a trip and since the product has a strong cap and the unit seems durable, you could even throw the toothbrush in with your clothes and not worry about leakage. Another huge win for the product is the consumer’s ability to use their own toothpaste brand and not have to buy the mini-sized toothpastes – even though I had issues inserting toothpaste. Finally, the bristles or the toothbrush head is replaceable. After a few months, even if I don’t use the toothbrush everyday, I like to replace the bristles. On most travel toothbrushes, the head is permanently mounted so I feel this is a huge plus for the toothbrush.

While pricing seems expensive around $20 for the OHSO Travel Toothbrush, the unit is durable and more importantly the brushes can be replaced so the price is justified. Overall the product works with some minor glitches.

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)

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  1. I don't think so price of it will make any difference for those who are passionate about travel because it is easy to carry without too much care and looking nice.

  2. I wish I had known about this travel product before going on vacation last week! I really like the combination of sleek looks and functionality.

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