Review: Klingg Magnetic Earphone Cable Holder

klingg-earphone-holderAre you tired yet of your headphones bouncing up and down and everywhere when you’re at the gym or on your bike or running? Instead of putting it down my shirt and out the bottom like I do, try out a Klingg earphone magnet.

Klinggs are a fairly straightforward, lightweight 2-piece accessory that secures your headphone/earphone cables in one piece (just press the cable into the slot) and then put the 2nd half on the inside of your shirt. The 2 pieces stick together using powerful neodymium magnets.

And oh yes, these are absurdly strong magnets. Pulling them apart with your hands requires a lot of force; it’s easier (and recommended) to slide them apart. Pretty much, they’re not moving once you’re wearing them for your workout.

You won’t notice Klinggs on account of their weight – they are very light, although they may be a bit of a minor nuisance if your shirt flaps while you’re running and the inside piece hits your skin. Of course, you could just place it in a different spot on your shirt.

I tried them out with a bunch of different earphone cables and they all worked, with more or less the same effort to put them and take them out. Klinggs have a nice additional feature, where the earphones themselves will stick to the Klingg when you’re not wearing them – think of it as built-in pseudo storage. I found that the heavier earphones didn’t stick as well as say iPhone earphones and fell off more often.


Klinggs come in a nice assortment of bright colors (8 total) and cost $20 either from say Amazon, or directly from Klingg.

All in all, this is attractive accessory that solves a universal problem that earphone and headphone makers typically don’t solve!

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product, thanks to Klingg.)

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