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The DIY Dilemma – How Much To Spend On Tools

Wall of ToolsIt can be a tricky decision choosing which tools to invest in for DIY projects at home. While there are three main choices available: buy on a budget, splash out on top name brands or simply rent, it is far from crystal clear which option is going to offer the best value for money and achieve the best results.

The success of the supermarket budget range has led to a bargain hunting culture. Whether it’s clothes, shoes or food, the modern day attitude is to buy cheap, cheerful and in plenty; regardless of the quality we’re getting.

Gravity Balans – The Chair that Makes You Weightless

Gravity Balans Chair by Varier

Recently we featured the Herman Miller SAYL Chair which claimed to be one of the comfiest available in the world. We’ve now got a new contender for this – the Gravity Balans by Varier. The chair is designed to make you feel like you’re free of gravity and is shaped to make you feel like you’re actually floating.

Epson WorkForce 635 Printer Review

Review: Epson WorkForce 635 All-in-One Printer

Epson WorkForce 635 All-in-One PrinterIn late 2009, the Geeks reviewed an Epson WorkForce 600 multipurpose printer/fax/scanner printer and we thought the WorkForce 600 was an excellent all-in-one printer. Fast forward a year and the Geeks received an Epson WorkForce 635 to review and several months and after testing every feature on the all-in-printer, we’re still impressed with the quality of prints, copies and scans not to mention the quality of the device.

Suitcase Gets Confused – Pretends to be Chair/Speaker System/Mobile Office

Fed up waiting for your baggage to come round after a flight? Fed up of having to pay extra for baggage on budget airlines? The TRIP by TravelTeq might be the solution. The TRIP is designed to fit perfectly into the overhead compartments on a flight, and at the same time maximize the amount of your stuff you can pack in. But that’s not the only trick up its sleeve…

The TRIP becomes everything you want it to be. It starts life folded flat, for storage purposes in your house. When you want to use it, simply play around with a few zips and you have a solid suitcase. Pack it up with stuff and head off to the airport.

The Herman Miller SAYL – the Perfect Computer Chair?

If you’ve got some spare cash knocking around that you feel would be well spent on making your study/office a bit more comfortable we suggest you try out the SAYL chair by Herman Miller.

This chair might look normal enough at first glance, but in fact the chair’s design was inspired by the suspension engineering on the Golden Gate Bridge. It claims to give you the ‘freest’ experience of sitting that you could hope for.

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate and Coffee

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate and Coffee

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate and Coffee Le Whif is perhaps the most perfect product ever made and has an awesome name to boot. Le Whif allows the weight conscience to inhale coffee or chocolate without the calories and guilt. You simply pop open the product, stick in your lips and inhale through your mouth. Sure it looks like you are enjoying a robusto cigar, but instead of smoke you are inhaling tiny molecules of yummy chocolate or tending to your coffee craving.

This product is not for use if your name is Bill Clinton.

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SmartShopper Updates their Ultimate Shopping Gizmo

We’ve shown you SmartShopper’s Voice Recognition List-Maker before so here’s a quick update on their new one.

If you don’t know what the original SmartShopper device was, it was a small printer that could recognise your voice, add the items you said to a list, then printed them off with its thermal printer, making it one of the handiest shopping gadgets available.

This LED Lightbulb Could Earn You a “Free” iPad

If you’re still using 100W lightbulbs in your house there’s potential here to save a lot of money. The PAR20 by ELS (Electronic Lighting Science, Inc) is an LED light bulb that runs off a mere 9W of power. Replacing 100W bulbs with these could save you a fortune on your electricity bill. Let’s see how long it takes to save enough money to buy an iPad.

Logitech Alert offers stylish Web-connected Security Cameras

If you read the article we posted recently about Archerfish’s Security Cameras, you know we weren’t impressed with the price. So here’s an alternative solution that’s a little cheaper and still packed full of features.

The classy “Alert” range of security cameras by Logitech will do the job perfectly well and is 25% cheaper than the Archerfish. …

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