Suitcase Gets Confused – Pretends to be Chair/Speaker System/Mobile Office

Fed up waiting for your baggage to come round after a flight? Fed up of having to pay extra for baggage on budget airlines? The TRIP by TravelTeq might be the solution. The TRIP is designed to fit perfectly into the overhead compartments on a flight, and at the same time maximize the amount of your stuff you can pack in. But that’s not the only trick up its sleeve…

The TRIP becomes everything you want it to be. It starts life folded flat, for storage purposes in your house. When you want to use it, simply play around with a few zips and you have a solid suitcase. Pack it up with stuff and head off to the airport.

Once there you’ll find that you can use part of it as your own little ‘mobile office’ – a flap comes down to store your pens, papers and other essentials. Finally, if the inevitable happens and your flight gets delayed, you can use the suitcase as a chair. And we don’t just mean sit on it – it actually folds out to make a chair!

The suitcase also has speakers too, allowing you to enjoy your music as you’re sitting down. Finally, customization is another big selling point of the TRIP – you can easily replace any of the wheels and fabrics with something more to your liking. It’s a bit pricey at 695 EUR (about $970), but given its rather useful feature set, it can be compelling.

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Price: approx. $970.00
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