iGrill App Monitors Your Cooking Remotely

Sure, we’ve had digital meat thermometers for a long time, even remote, talking and wireless ones, but how about one that feeds data to your iPhone? Enter the iGrill and iGrill iOS app.

Your iGrill still needs a small metal rod to stick into your meat, but will display the actual temperature on its display as well as wirelessly send the temperature to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad so you can keep an eye on your meat from another room, allowing you to stick with those all-important dinner guests.

If you’re not using the iGrill for meat, you can still set the timer on the app so you know when your veggies are done, and with a range of over 200 feet, you really can be anywhere in (or even out) the house.

The iGrill app also has standard recipes and how-to videos on how to make things making it the only cooking app you’ll ever need. The app itself is free and should work without the iGrill device, although you will need this for the temperature parts of the app.

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Price: $99.99 (Available 18th Feb.)
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