Gravity Balans – The Chair that Makes You Weightless

Gravity Balans Chair by Varier

Recently we featured the Herman Miller SAYL Chair which claimed to be one of the comfiest available in the world. We’ve now got a new contender for this – the Gravity Balans by Varier. The chair is designed to make you feel like you’re free of gravity and is shaped to make you feel like you’re actually floating.

When you lay in the chair, your body gets suspended at such an angle that you have a feeling like you’re in a space shuttle. If you don’t feel like having a power nap (falling asleep is necessary in this chair) then you can rock it forwards to sit on and enjoy a book or a drink. Leaning somewhere in between the two allows you to recline slightly.

All chairs are handmade in Norway and from fine oak, beech and walnut. You pay $2,000 for this quality.

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Price: $1,995.00
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