Roomba ProElite

Sure, you’ve all heard about the Roomba, but it really is so cool that we had to have it as a Gizmo of the Day. Wouldn’t you just love to have one less thing to worry about at home (vacuuming), and better yet, you would have a real robot working in your house!

MemoryFrame USB Digital Photo Frame

The MemoryFrame from Pacific Digital allows you to quickly transfer photos directly from your digital camera and play them back in a slideshow in your home or office. With its high-quality active matrix TFT LCD display providing vibrant high-resolution images, the Pacific Digital MemoryFrame gives digital photographers an easy solution to showcase their photos, without… Continue reading MemoryFrame USB Digital Photo Frame

Eyestrain-Reducing Computer Light

Wouldn’t you like to be an energetic, healthy programmer/geek/engineer/Internet surfer way into your twilight years and not be blind?! Well, having a good monitor *and* good lighting is the key. This stylish light that mounts ideally on top of your monitor is the product to get.


Okay, please stop drooling… We realize this gorgeous Swiss Army knife, with a built-in USB flash drive, is probably causing you to become very excited and thus filling you with an almost uncontrollable urge to immediately buy this item (buy it from a sponsor!). This is a geek’s dream gadget brought to life – and… Continue reading SWISSMEMORY® USB Storage in a VICTORINOX Pocket Knife