This LED Lightbulb Could Earn You a “Free” iPad

If you’re still using 100W lightbulbs in your house there’s potential here to save a lot of money. The PAR20 by ELS (Electronic Lighting Science, Inc) is an LED light bulb that runs off a mere 9W of power. Replacing 100W bulbs with these could save you a fortune on your electricity bill. Let’s see how long it takes to save enough money to buy an iPad.

Let’s assume one kilo-watt-hour (kWh) costs about $0.13. If you leave your 100W bulb on continuously (that’s 8760 hours a year) then you’ll be using (8760/1000) x 100 = 876 kWh a year, meaning a cost of $113.88 a year per bulb.

Now, over the same amount of time, this 9W bulb will only use (8760/1000) x 9 = 78.84 kWh meaning a total cost per year of  $10.25 – only 9% of the cost!

Let’s include some of the overhead costs as well. Let’s assume an average 100W lightbulb costs $8 and will last 1000 hours. This 9W light bulb costs $40 and will last 50,000 hours (5.7 years). So you’d have to buy 50 100W bulbs over the lifetime of one 9W bulb, costing you $400! That’s 10 times the price of one 9W bulb.

So, over the 5.7 years the 9W bulb lasts, you’d have spent: 40 + (5.7 x 10.25) = $98.43

And for the 100W lightbulb, you’d have spent: ( 50 x 8 ) + (5.7 x 113.88) = $1,049.12

By buying the 9W lightbulb you save $950.63 per bulb! If you’ve got 10 bulbs like this in your house, that’s $9,506.30 saved! 

So, just replacing one 100W bulb that’s on all the time with a 9W bulb you can buy a 64gb WiFi iPad and still have $100 left for apps.

These lamps are a direct replacement for halogen-based PAR20 bulbs and come in either Warm White or Cool White and generates no UV or IR radiation.

Buy now!
Price: $39.96 (or -$950.63 🙂 ). Model #s: ELS-P20-9-WW or ELS-P20-9-CW
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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