Best new upcoming features in iOS 6

When iOS 6 arrives, it will be much more than a simple update. Instead, it will be Apple’s vision of what a mobile operating system should be. There are many great new features of this update, basically in the areas of accessibility and convenience. The ultimate goal is to make mobile computing as easy as possible for users of all ages, technical skills, and physical abilities. Here are what Apple considers to be the most important aspects of iOS 6:


It should come as no surprise that Siri will get a lot of attention with this update. Included in her updates is enhanced functionality in film, dining, and sports as well as overall improved functionality. In addition, Siri’s language support will be expanded exponentially. Her knowledge of hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and soccer will be much deeper and she will be able to answer queries about games, teams, players, and league standings. In addition, her answers will be supplemented with graphical representations.

Other enhancements to Siri will include the ability to get deeper information and make reservations for restaurants, and the ability to get movie information and to view trailers. She will also be able to open any of your apps by voice as well as allow you to update your Facebook and Twitter on the fly.

Facebook Integration

At long last, iOS 6 brings Facebook on board, allowing you to post and like on Facebook from anywhere in the iOS ecosystem. With this enhancement, you can like things in iTunes, in the App Store, and more. You can also share photos through Camera Roll, maps through the Maps app, and webpages through Safari. It will also provide a notification screen that will keep you up to date on your Facebook activity.


The Maps app will no longer use Google, but will add a great deal of new functionality. Among these new features is turn-by-turn navigation capability available form a variety of perspectives. It will also provide you with your ETA, and will recommend faster routes.

Phone Functionality

Finally, Apple is finally adding some much-needed changes to the overall functionality of the phones. With the changes, new messages will give you instant options to reply later or reply with message. It also includes FaceTime, which allows for video conferencing through cellular connections. Finally, it allows you to set your phone to a do not disturb mode, during which your phone will not make any sounds unless you receive communications from people you specifically choose.

This list is just a very small sampling of the remarkable new features that are included in the iOS 6 release. There is little doubt that this is one of the most important releases from Apple in a very long time and it promises to please and excite iOS users of all ages. If you have had complaints about your iPhone or other iOS device in the past, those are sure to fade away when you get your hands on these great new features.


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