Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Twitter

Twitter has taken off in a larger way than perhaps even its founders ever imagined. Personally, when Twitter first appeared, I felt it had only limited appeal, at least in the way it was rolled out and marketed. Of course, Twitter has evolved and grown. And oh how it has grown.

Twitter logoBut did you know that Twitter can be used for more than just reading tweets about “Winning!“, keeping track of trends or breaking news?

Here are just 10 unique, innovative and sometimes practical uses for Twitter that make great use of its popular API.

Weekly Deals: HP Dm1z, Lenovo IdeaPad S205, HDTVs & Apps for Cheap

This week’s deal features the new breed of netbooks that are light in weight but not on performance, unlike previous Atom-based machines that you could almost hear crying in pain as you tortured tasked it with streaming a YouTube video. Terrible analogy aside, here are the deals:

SignNow Lets You Electronically Sign Documents from Desktop or Mobile

Finally signatures have a chance to move into the digital world with the forming of a new company, SignNow. SignNow offers you software for your computer or smartphone that allows anyone, anywhere to sign documents. Since electronic signatures are legally binding in the US the system is an improvement on traditional pen and paper as it reduces waste yet carries the same legal weight.

GMail Gets Background Sending, Saves You Time

Here’s another productivity- and efficiency-based reason to use Gmail – background sending. This new Gmail Lab lets you quickly return to reading and processing email without having to wait for the current one to be sent.

To turn the feature on, just go to the Labs tab under Settings and enable Background Send. This one is a no-brainer. Just use it. I’m pretty sure this is one that will soon become a standard feature.

MyWi App: Save Money on iPad 3G, Buy a Wi-Fi iPad and Tether to your iPhone

If you want an iPad with 3G but don’t want to pay the extra money then you can tether it to your iPhone and use your iPhone’s unlimited data plan. The app to do this is MyWi and allows you to use your iPhone as a 3G modem for your iPad.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, this only works on Jailbroken iPhones so there is a risk involved. The app costs $10 and comes with a 10 day free trial.

Buy now!
Price: $10
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

PowerGramo Offers Business-Grade Skype Solutions

PowerGramo is an enterprise-level Skype call recording suite. There are a few different versions of the software, costing between $15 and $45 for the license, and all can record Skype-to-Skype calls. The basic version will allow you to record conference calls and export to OGG and WAV formats, but as you go up the software grades you get more and more advanced features.

Microsoft and Skype

Will Microsoft Spoil the Skype Home User Experience?

Microsoft and SkypeSo what will Microsoft do with Skype now that they’ve paid a staggering $8.5 billion for the Internet-based communications company? Are you worried that your free video conferencing service will die at the hands of Bill Gates’ former empire?

The Internet is rife with our patents and rumors regarding what Microsoft plans to do with Skype. For example, tech commentator Robert Cringely is depressed that the Microsoft bought Skype because he feels that Skype will die with its new Redmond overlords.

Nighty Night! HD iPad app

Review: Nighty Night! HD iPad Bedtime App for Kids

Nighty Night! HD iPad appAs the dad of a one-year old who seriously dislikes going to bed, I thought I would take this bestselling app for a spin. Nighty Night! HD is essentially an interactive bedtime book for toddlers aged 1-4.

The app built especially for the Apple iPad helps kids learn about your run-of-the-mill farm animals as well as preps them to go to bed by ‘helping’ the app turn off the lights, all the while, the 7 different animals make their noises and move around.

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