Fingertip USB Optical Mouse

Review: Fingertip USB Optical Mouse

Fingertip USB Optical MouseSo I got an interesting little gadget recently, what the vendor calls a fingertip USB mouse. Ok, so perhaps it’s not fingertip, but just finger. Take a look at the photo – that little black contraption has a piece of velcro wrapped around the user’s middle finger.

So how does it work? Actually, does it work? Yes it does. But it’s not for everyone. I found that I just didn’t have enough control with my finger to prevent the mouse from shaking constantly, or being able to keep my finger down enough to allow the laser to ‘catch’ and get mouse movement on my screen.

The History of Tablet Computing – From 1987!

We’ve been talking about tablets in great detail since about 2008, and 2010 saw the release of the first iPad – the release that sparked off the tablet generation. Apart from that, it’s easy to forget exactly how long tablets have been around. We saw the Samsung Q1 in 2006 even, but was there anything before that? You bet there was! The picture below details the history of tablets since the first proper tablet – the Z88 released in 1987! Enjoy.

Weekly Deals: HP Dm1z, Lenovo IdeaPad S205, HDTVs & Apps for Cheap

This week’s deal features the new breed of netbooks that are light in weight but not on performance, unlike previous Atom-based machines that you could almost hear crying in pain as you tortured tasked it with streaming a YouTube video. Terrible analogy aside, here are the deals:

Weekly Deals: HP dv6t Quad Edition, Dell Inspiron Duo & Apps for Cheap

Another week, another line up of good laptop deals from two venerable PC manufacturers as Apple slowly siphons away their market share. Ouch! HP recently reported poor quarterly earnings, especially on their consumer side of the business, while on the flip side, Dell’s earnings surprised analysts as their enterprise business is picking up steam.

In either case, both HP and Dell consumer laptop sales volume has been hit hard, so it’s little wonder that they are now heavily slashing prices on their latest models. Here are two great laptop deals for the week:

Apple iPad

Innovative Uses for Your iPad

Apple iPadWe all know that your iPad is a great tool for surfing the web, reading e-books, checking e-mail, playing games and more. And, of course, there’s an app for just about everything.

With customization, you can use your iPad to balance your checkbook, find out how fast your car is traveling, log your daily food intake, watch movies, and do just about anything else you can think of doing. Here are a few more ways to use your iPad that you may not yet have considered.

Sony S2 Android Tablet

Sony Shows Off 2 New Android Tables

Sony S1 Android Tablet

Last but not least, Sony is now in the Android tablet game, joining existing entrants Samsung, Motorola, et al. Well at least their announcment is on the books as the tablets won’t be released until later this Fall.

Sony showed off 2 models at their press conference: the S1 and S2, which is a dual-screen clamshell. Both S1 and S2 will run Android’s 3.0 version (Honeycomb) which is what the Xoom also runs.

[Video] Easy to Follow Tips to Improve your Computer Ergonomics

Computer ergonomics are important for our well-being, but we tend to balk due to the seemingly long list of rules. This short but entertaining video posted by VodafoneES gives you some basic tips on how to improve your set up in an easy-to-follow manner. Don’t worry about the Spanish title, there is no speech to translate.

SPDY and HTTP packet loss graph

Google Aims to Speed Up the Web with SPDY Protocol

SPDY and HTTP packet loss graph
Image courtesy of Chromium Projects
Google has been quietly working on a new protocol for Web traffic that would augment and speed up HTTP, a protocol that is now over 20 years old. Called SPDY — not an acronym, but short for “speedy” — it is currently part of the Chromium umbrella of open-source projects and its main aim is to reduce the load time of web pages.

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