The Many Masks of the iPad

The iPad. Or the iPad2 or now, just iPad…again. Yeah, it’s really an iPad3. No matter which generation—one through three—we are talking about, the iPad has created a revolution in the world of portable and Internet-connectable devices. The name Apple is recognizable enough as it is, so when great technology comes with it, the name gets even stronger. Nowadays just saying that someone owns an Apple product automatically brings up the status of the product. The iPad in particular is the king among kings in the tablet world. Some may disagree. Some may like other tablets better, but if you look at the numbers, Apple has the largest market share. But the iPad has some interesting non-tablet uses, masks if you will. Let’s take a look at a few of those.

Going to College? Make Sure These Gadgets Are In Your Bag

If you’re heading off to college for the first time, it’s essential that you know what you need to take with you. If you’re already in college, you may find that things are a bit lacking, but can’t quite put your finger on what. Technological gadgets are an absolute must for the modern college student, but which should you pack and which should you leave behind?

We’ve made the decision an easy one! Here are our top five gadgets no college student should be without:

My New MacBook

1. Laptop

Sure, you can use your Kindle Fire as a quasi-tablet, and yes, you may have an iPad, but, when it comes down to it, nothing is going to serve you better in college than a laptop. Thanks to their popularity, and the shrinking use of home desktops, laptops are more affordable than ever. From taking notes to completing assignments; listening to music to watching videos, a laptop offers everything you need in one compact piece of machinery.

Macintosh circa 1984

Top 5 Macintosh Innovations that Blew Minds in 1984

Macintosh circa 1984Flashback to 1984. Ms. Pac-Man had struck a blow for women’s rights and a young Joe Piscopo taught us all how to laugh. A young, cocksure Steve Jobs stepped into the spotlight to introduce a machine destined to revolutionize the personal computer. The Macintosh (128k) was born and home computing was never the same again.

Flash forward to 2012—the Macintosh and Apple brands have become such a ubiquitous part of our lives and culture that it’s hard to imagine just how “mind blowing” the Mac was back then.

KIMTECH* Touchscreen Cleaning Wipe

Review: Kimtech Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes

KIMTECH* Touchscreen Cleaning WipeThis is one product category that has tons of nondescript entrants, and for the most part, they all do the trick more or less, and that’s to wipe your gadget’s screen. Kimberly-Clark decided to try something a little different – make them dry, disposable and inexpensive.

The KIMTECH Touchscreen Cleaning Wipe are made especially for touchscreens, which we all seem to be adopting at a rapid rate. I tried out a sample and wasn’t disappointed. These come 10 to a pack, and while dry, they are soft, and had no fear of using it to wipe the screen on my iPad or smartphone.


5 Alternate High-Tech Christmas Gift Options

GiftsDecember is finally upon us, the Thanksgiving turkey is all gone and the festive shopping season is in full swing. This Christmas, you probably have quite a few gadgets on your wish list, and your family, friends and kids will have lots of ideas about what they’d like to find under the tree.

Looking for a few different options to fill their stockings? Here are a few less common choices to mention to Santa before the big day rolls around.

Review: Samsung indestructible microSDHC memory cards

Now that memory cards are no longer the tiny, pricey luxury enjoyed by the few, manufacturers are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Samsung thinks it has found a way – create SD-type cards that are supposedly waterproof, shock and shatterproof and magnetic proof.

I took an 8GB microSDHC card for a spin, and really only cared about one test in particular – whether or not it’s water proof. In case you’re wondering, I figured that the risk from magnetism-caused data loss was pretty low, and as for being able to survive being run over by a car, if I’m in a situation where I pull out my memory card and it gets run over by a car soon after, I’m doing something wrong and have more to worry about than the survival of my SD card.

White Laptop

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Computer

White Laptop With ever-changing technological trends and innovations, making decisions about your next computing device can be a tremendous challenge. You want it to run the essential programs you know and love with ease and grace, but you also don’t want to pay hundreds more for a device that can actually handle much more than the tasks you routinely give it.

We wrote this guide to help you figure out exactly how to do that. Read on.

HP Touchpad tablet

Deal of the Week: HP’s New TouchPad, Lenovo 14-inch Gaming Laptop, Monitors & Apps for Cheap

It’s summer 2011 and the battle for the king of tablets just got even more heated.  As announced back in February, HP has released their webOS based TouchPad tablet, bringing the popular underdog mobile OS platform to the tablet world.  This is great news for Pre and webOS fans everywhere as the platform gets a shot at making a comeback (although is it a comeback if you never technically left?).

Laptop on laps

Bring Your Office into Your Bed with Your Laptop

Laptop on laps

It is becoming increasingly common for people to use their laptops in bed when they telecommute. When asked why they bring their laptops in bed, people have a variety of reasons. Some will say, “I’m lazy.” Others simply prefer to lie down while watching their favorite movies online. Still, even more say that they bring their laptops to bed with them because it’s much more comfortable than sitting at a desk.

When doing this, it’s important to make sure that you bring your laptop to bed easily and aren’t harming your laptop, or possibly harming yourself. 

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