Weekly Deals: HP dv6t Quad Edition, Dell Inspiron Duo & Apps for Cheap

Another week, another line up of good laptop deals from two venerable PC manufacturers as Apple slowly siphons away their market share. Ouch! HP recently reported poor quarterly earnings, especially on their consumer side of the business, while on the flip side, Dell’s earnings surprised analysts as their enterprise business is picking up steam.

In either case, both HP and Dell consumer laptop sales volume has been hit hard, so it’s little wonder that they are now heavily slashing prices on their latest models. Here are two great laptop deals for the week:

HP dv6t Quad Edition Laptop

The new HP dv6tqe 2nd gen laptop

The dv6 has been in production in one form or another over the past few years, because it’s consistently one of HP’s most popular models. In the new 2011 HP dv6tqe laptop, you’ll find some of the latest components from both Intel & AMD. Within the HP dv6t Quad Edition, you get the brand new 2nd generation Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 processor running at 2Ghz, which is able to turbo up to 2.9Ghz. Realistically though, the 2.9Ghz speed would rarely be realized in single-threaded computing situations like running modern operating systems and common programs. However, the CPU still turbos up to around 2.5 and 2.6Ghz in double-threaded mode, plenty fast to power through modern games and other processor-intensive applications like video editing.

On the AMD side of things, the dv6t quad edition comes with the latest Radeon HD 6470M GPU, a pretty decent mid-range graphics card that can play most modern computer games without issue. Spend only $25 more and you’ll get the faster, mid-range 6770M (well worth the upgrade in our opinion). HP currently has a rare discount for 30% off on the high-end quad edition. This is a very compelling offer, considering you choose any upgrades (more RAM, Blu-ray writer etc.) and the discount will scale along with your final config. At the end, you’ll be able to config a pretty high-end machine for around $800.

If the dv6tqe is too far out of your budget, consider last generation’s HP dv6, which can be found at third-party retailers like Amazon for a really low price. This particular linked model includes a Core i3 processor for under $600.

Dell Inspiron Duo with Audio Dock Station

Dell's netvertible Inspiron Duo

The Dell Inspiron Duo convertible tablet/netbook is a neat machine with a very slick design. While it’s certainly not the fastest netbook out there, its dual-core Intel Atom processor is plenty fast for most basic web browsing and computing needs. Dell currently has a limited-time $150 off coupon for the Duo (dubbed “netvertible”) along with a JBL speakers audio dock station. This makes the bundle a perfect secondary device for streaming movies, photos, and YouTube clips when you’re at home.

On the feature side, the JBL Audio Dock Station not only has speakers, it includes 2 more USB ports along with a RJ45 ethernet port. The Duo comes with a 320GB hard drive, 10.1-inch touch capacitive screen, 2GB of RAM, 1.3MP embedded camera, Wireless b/g/n along with Bluetooth 3.0 and Windows 7 Home Premium (unlike most other netbooks with only Windows 7 Starter edition). While the RAM count is a bit low, as long as you’re not doing heavy multitasking, the performance should still be reasonable. All in all, this is an interesting machine that works well as a complementary internet device.

If the deal is gone by the time you’re reading this post, you can still get the Duo netvertible for a decent price at Amazon, with free shipping and no sales tax in most states!

This Week’s Apps Deals:

Make Your Clock Pro (Beta) for Android

Usually $2, this App is “on sale” for $1.64 from the Android marketplace. This app is very popular because it lets you customize the forever-present clock on your Android smartphone/device and gives you the ability to add weather, battery status, and more at-a-glance indicators. Great for people that likes to mod and personalize their screen.

Web Browser for AppleTV for iOS

Another popular app, the Web Browser for AppleTV usually goes for around $3, but right now you can grab it for 33% off at $1.99. The app’s name is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you use the AirPlay feature to view web pages on your TV, gives you a built-in search bar, and most of the typical functionality you’d expect from a computer web browser on your TV. If you have the AppleTV device, there’s really no reason not to get this app.

Drawing Tutorials for iPhone

Designed for the iPhone, this app works on any other iOS devices too. It’s a free app, although it has been $0.99. Perfect for the kids as it teaches you how to draw some basic animals, scaling up difficulty as you go through the tutorial. A fairly straight forward education app that does exactly what it says.

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