Livescribe Smartpens go Online – Can Now Share Socially to Facebook, Twitter

Livescribe Echo smartpen

Over the last two years we’ve brought you the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo smart pens, and now in 2011 comes news of Livescribe Connect. While the previous pens were pretty amazing in their capabilities (refresh your memory: they record exactly what you write and you can sync audio with this, and a few neat apps such as playing piano with it) but they were a bit incomplete in their ability to post this data online. Not anymore!

When writing your notes just draw an underscore and then write “Twitter” or “Facebook” or an email address, select the bit of work you want to share using your pen and then away it goes via Wi-Fi! Livescribe Connect is actually a software update to the pens themselves.

When you next dock your smartpen, your notes and audio will be automatically sent as a pencast. You can also use Livescribe Connect within Livescribe Desktop by dragging and dropping pages of notes to connector icons.

Unfortunately this won’t be available on previous versions as they don’t have Internet support, so we’re going to have to wait until Livescribe brings out something new. Until then – watch this space!

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