SignNow Lets You Electronically Sign Documents from Desktop or Mobile

Finally signatures have a chance to move into the digital world with the forming of a new company, SignNow. SignNow offers you software for your computer or smartphone that allows anyone, anywhere to sign documents. Since electronic signatures are legally binding in the US the system is an improvement on traditional pen and paper as it reduces waste yet carries the same legal weight.

All you do is upload the document that needs signing onto the SignNow website (registration isn’t even required) and then you can add sticky notes for where you want people to sign. You can then share the document with everyone to sign – when this is complete the signed document will be sent to the specified recipient.

The document that you have uploaded is deleted within 30 minutes of all the signatures being received, and is encrypted with the same 256 AES encryption that is used by the US military, SignNow claims.

Best of all, this is a completely free service making it perfect for businesses that are trying to cut waste, go green, or just want to embrace the digital world.

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  1. The NJ notarizations they offer are ILLEGAL.

    The Division of Revenue requested legal guidance concerning the practice of online notarization services utilizing a webcam or other video in lieu of a personal appearance in front of a valid New Jersey Notary. It has been determined that New Jersey’s statutes do not allow for this type of notarization.

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