World’s Largest Miniature Airport Opens for Business

Forget Hatsfield-Jackson or Heathrow, the Knuffingen Airport is now the world’s biggest ‘little’ airport. Knuffingen Airport is the latest attraction to Miniatur Wunderland in Germany.

The display area takes up 150 square meters, it took seven years to build and cost $4.8m. The planes (ranging from Cessna to Airbus A380) take off and land like in any real airport, and passengers and cars move around perfectly – well worth checking out the video below.

In figures:

  • 150m2
  • Cost $4.8m
  • 40 moving planes
  • 90 moving vehicles
  • 40,000 working lights
  • 15,000 model people
  • 500 cars
  • 10,000 trees
  • 50 trains
  • 1,000 trucks
  • 100 signals
  • 200 switches
  • 300 buildings

At night, the experience is completely different:

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