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Wi-Fi Router Security

Secure your Wi-Fi Network and Avoid the Feds Knocking Down Your Door

Wi-Fi Router Security

A man from Buffalo, New York received a harsh lesson in securing his home Wi-Fi network after federal agents raided his house in the early hours on suspicion of downloading child pornography.

According to the unfortunate homeowner, federal agents burst in at 6.20am on March 7, knocking down the back door. The man jumped out of bed to be confronted by seven armed agents, who accused him of downloading thousands of obscene, and more to the point, illegal images the evening before.

Apple iPad

Innovative Uses for Your iPad

Apple iPadWe all know that your iPad is a great tool for surfing the web, reading e-books, checking e-mail, playing games and more. And, of course, there’s an app for just about everything.

With customization, you can use your iPad to balance your checkbook, find out how fast your car is traveling, log your daily food intake, watch movies, and do just about anything else you can think of doing. Here are a few more ways to use your iPad that you may not yet have considered.


Why Hasn’t 3D-TV Taken Off?

Image courtesy of LGEPR

Technology has the ability to enrich our lives and at a furious pace of change. It used to be true that a new product, especially one of an electronic genre, would require as much as one generation, or about twenty years, to be fully absorbed into the mainstream of life. Radio, television, and even personal computers fell in line with this general rule of thumb. But in today’s ultra-modern age of the Internet, Google, and Facebook, the accelerator has been floored.

One case in point is HDTV. This new technology went through all of the stages of early adoption even with high launch prices, continued interest while prices fell, and then full adoption by consumers, manufacturers, and network content providers in the span of only five years. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2010, purveyors of upgraded television viewing were at it again, hoping for the same adoption response rate to 3D TV offerings to consumers.

A maze solved

How To Choose A GPS Navigation System

Here is a back-to-basics article for those just jumping into the GPS market.

A maze solvedA Global Positioning System (GPS) is really a godsend if you travel a lot or simply have trouble remembering your way around locally. A GPS can do many things: it can find you a route, show you a map, help you find points of interest and gas stations and read you directions. Newer models of GPS navigators have even more to offer with 3D street maps, traffic alerts and the ability to use hands free. There are three ways to get a GPS navigator in your car: you can purchase a car with a GPS navigator built-in, you can purchase a GPS navigator and install it in your car, or you can purchase a portable device that can be mounted on a dashboard or windshield. You can also get a GPS navigator via your phone in two ways: via a subscription based service or by buying a GPS application.

iPhone tax Apps

Top iPhone Apps to Help You with Your Taxes

iPhone tax AppsHooray, tax time is here again! I know you are thrilled, I can see it in your face. Before you fall off your seat in excitement, let me help you out with some tips that might make this tax season just a bit easier than last year.

With the constant influx of new portable computing and network-connected devices, doing your taxes no longer consists of just taking your information to your accountant and having them fill out your 1040 form with a pencil. Doing your taxes is now more technology-assisted than ever with the majority of people choosing to e-file their taxes through programs like Turbo Tax, TaxAct, H&R Block amongst many other online sources.

But even tax filing has spread to smartphones and tablets that are growing rapidly. For example, there are more than a few iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS) apps that can make filing your taxes quicker and more convenient. I know, this is probably not a big surprise since there are apps for everything from calculating tips to performing voodoo ceremonies. Nonetheless, here is an overview of the best apps that will make filing your taxes a breeze:

WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic WebCam

Top 5 Robots for the Home under $2500

WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic WebCamHousehold chores—they’re a drag. Unfortunately they have to be done. According to some statistics, 85 percent of women and 67 percent of men spend 2.6 hours and 2 hours respectively each day tidying up the house, cooking and mowing the lawn.

But these daily housework activities don’t have to consume your life. With the help of home robots, you can use those ‘extra’ hours in your day doing more enjoyable things and/or relaxing. We found 5 robots for the home under $2500 (most under $1000) that can help you out.

star trek pizza cutter

7 Kitchen Gadgets Geeks Will Love

Calling all cooking geeks! The time has come to put those handheld devices and laptops aside and get cooking. Even if you’ve never cooked a meal in your life it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun trying with these 7 unique kitchen gadgets inspired by all the things geeks love.

star trek pizza cutter

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Pizza Cutter

What geek doesn’t love a slice of pizza every now and then? With its authentic Star Trek Enterprise design and chrome plated finish, this pizza cutter will help geeks everywhere slice it up in style. Serve it up Scotty!

Dell XPS 17 laptop

Weekly Deals: IdeaPad Y560p, Dell XPS 17 Laptops & Apps For Cheap

Despite the emergence of touch-based tablets for casual computing, if you want to play the latest 3D games or have real productivity requirements, the best portable solution is still using a laptop.

This week, here are two solid laptop deals from Lenovo and HP, both at similar price point but they’re definitely built for different users:

Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad 2

Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad 2 – A Spec-by-Spec Breakdown

Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad 2The tablet war rages on and it is still not completely clear who will be the eventual victor (perhaps no single vendor at all). Will it be Apple (and their new iPad 2) or Motorola and the Xoom, their new tablet running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or perhaps another up-and-comer? Of course, many have already anointed Apple as the winner, but it has been just over a year since the first iPad appeared, and hardly anything is ever decided in a year.

Although it may seem that cost would be the main factor in determining the champ here, these tablets are more complex than merely price tags. There are more than a few other interesting specs that might determine the winners and losers. We’ll start off with the size and go from there. Scroll down to the end to see a summary table.

Augmented Reality Contact Lens

Augmented Vision in a Contact Lens

Technology seems to be making advances in the blink of an eye, but who would have thought that the blink of an eye could someday power the latest technology? Apparently, researchers at the University of Washington did. They are currently creating prototypes of “augmented reality contact lenses.” In the next decade or so, these lenses could take the seemingly endless stream of data out there and display it magically right before our eyes, without need for a cell phone, tablet or PC.

The Terminator!Similar to Arnold Schwartzenegger’s character in the series of Terminator movies, the data we need would be displayed onto our visual field in a transparent way, without obstructing our view of the world around us. There are a number of interesting applications for this technology, spanning everything from the practical to our endless desire to be entertained.

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