5 Geeky Products To Pamper Your Pooch in Summer

Doggles Sunglasses for DogsAre pets part of the family? This is an ongoing debate that won’t soon die over. But what isn’t up for debate is how those who love their pets and do consider them part of the family love to spoil them rotten. In the Winter time, when every two legged and four legged creature tends to hibernate, pet owners will spend an arm and a leg to make sure Fido or Princess get their activity and fun time indoors. But come Summer time, there’s no keeping a dotting pet lover from making sure Poodles or Butch get their fun in the Sun.

Let’s take a look below at the different ways to pamper your beloved pooch this Summer.

1. Cool New Frisbee – what active and fun loving dog doesn’t love a good game of Frisbee fetch. Many can’t resist the running, jumping and catching that is involved, not too mention the time spent together with his or her master. Get him a top of the line Frisbee that can’t easily be broken by his strong jaws or grip. Some good brands include: Jawz Disc by SkyHoundz.

2. Water Vest – many dogs love to spend time on the water. If your pooch is one of the many, then a water vest is in order. But not any water vest, one from esteemed online doggie shop Get Pets Wet based in Cleveland, Ohio that creates dog life vests in several different sizes, colors and styles. They’ve been around since 2005 and one of the main reasons they created the shop was to keep dogs safe in the water.

3. Sun Glasses for Dogs (Doggles) – an ambitious pair (Ken and Roni Di Lullo) in California came up with this rather genius idea. Sunglasses for dogs. The name stems from the fact that they look like goggles but are for dogs, hence the name Doggles. These are honest to goodness real UV-safe sunglasses that are aimed at dogs and their special face dimensions. When Fido straps them on, this alleviates eye strain from too much sun exposure as they offer 100% UV protection, are anti-fog and also shatterproof.

4. Doggie Park Membership – the next best thing to going to the lake or beach with you dog, is to take her to the local doggie park. This is a special park sectioned off just for pets, usually dogs – where they can run and play with other dogs. Get Fido a one year membership and he’ll bark with delight.

5. Outdoor Dog Camp – many pet sitting centers have what’s called a Doggie Day Camp, this is usually an outing once or twice a week where the dogs are walked to a special park or other similar venue and given TLC along with plenty of play and activity to keep them busy, active and happy. Call your local pet sitting center and ask if they have dog camps or know of places that offer it. You can also ask around in your social network for a referral. Your beloved dog will thank you in the form of loyal companionship for many years to come.

There’s no doubt that Americans love to treat their four legged pooches with lots of love and no amount of money can ever replace a simple walk around the block, a run in the park or simply a game of tennis ball fetch in the backyard.

Whatever your style and budget, take your dog out this Summer and enjoy his company as much as he enjoys yours.

This is a guest post written by Missy Diaz who works for Nutre Care. Nutre Care is an online web shop that helps animal loving geeks find pet supplies for their four legged companions.

Missy Diaz works for Nutre Care which is an online web shop that helps animal-loving geeks find pet supplies for their four legged companions.

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  2. Kaza, 1 is great for frisbee dogs, ihave a daily used jawz its in the 1 year mark working perfectly 🙂 2 & 3 are for the more outdoorsy types, doggles are great at avoiding eye damage specially white dogs. A water vest is awesome for short legged dogs who have a harder time swimming or boating with any dog (as with humans, a fall may mean a head knock and/or dissorientation). Doggy park is great for social dogs. And dog camp, no idea never been to one. All and all these are hardly un~ doggy items, like a dress, for example, and can make the relationship more enjoyable. For most dogs doggles are too much, but there are cases where its perfectly valid.

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