Bring Your Office into Your Bed with Your Laptop

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It is becoming increasingly common for people to use their laptops in bed when they telecommute. When asked why they bring their laptops in bed, people have a variety of reasons. Some will say, “I’m lazy.” Others simply prefer to lie down while watching their favorite movies online. Still, even more say that they bring their laptops to bed with them because it’s much more comfortable than sitting at a desk.

When doing this, it’s important to make sure that you bring your laptop to bed easily and aren’t harming your laptop, or possibly harming yourself. 

Some laptops are easier to bring to bed than others:

  • For fans of large laptops, the best way to bring a laptop to your bed is to lay down on your stomach with your laptop in front of you. Large, heavy laptops often are very uncomfortable to keep in your lap, but are often the best for watching movies or gaming.
  • For typing and work purposes, choosing a petite netbook will often prove to be a much less expensive (and easier to keep on your lap) option. Small netbooks are light enough to keep on your laps with ease, small enough let you move around without too much hassle, and functional enough to do your work without too many problems.

One of the best tips for keeping a laptop computer in your bed is to have an electrical socket nearby, and also to have WiFi. Having to run a cable to your bed is not only annoying, but also limits your movement. WiFi is just easier. Another favorite tip of bedroom laptop enthusiasts is to have a small amount of soda or snacks near your night stand if you have to work straight through dinner.

There are several risks that people take when bringing their laptops into their bed. When surrounded by warm fabrics which absorb (and reflect back) heat, computers are more likely to overheat. Keeping a lap desk in your bed reduces the chance of having your laptop overheat because of your sheets. Another thing that often “chokes” a laptop is dust that sometimes gathers in a bedroom. This too, can cause a laptop to quickly overheat. It’s important to clean your laptop’s insides (or better yet, get a professional to do it) to keep it running smoothly.

It’s also a smart idea to remember to protect yourself from the heat that laptops give off. When left on for long periods of time, every laptop will begin to get very hot to the touch, especially on the bottom of the laptop. Keep your lap protected; don’t put your laptop directly on bare skin. People have gotten burns this way.

Overall, bringing a laptop computer to bed is a trend that is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. With a couple of tweaks, you can make a laptop workstation, or just enjoy a movie while you lay down to rest.

Tom Moore is an blogger and Internet marketing enthusiast currently working for a number of Internet companies as a Web consultant, marketing expert and investor. Tom’s current passion is for laptop accessories and gadgets and is a co-founder of iLapdesk – Laptop Tray.

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