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Review: Klingg Magnetic Earphone Cable Holder

klingg-earphone-holderAre you tired yet of your headphones bouncing up and down and everywhere when you’re at the gym or on your bike or running? Instead of putting it down my shirt and out the bottom like I do, try out a Klingg earphone magnet.

Klinggs are a fairly straightforward, lightweight 2-piece accessory that secures your headphone/earphone cables in one piece (just press the cable into the slot) and then put the 2nd half on the inside of your shirt. The 2 pieces stick together using powerful neodymium magnets.

And oh yes, these are absurdly strong magnets. Pulling them apart with your hands requires a lot of force; it’s easier (and recommended) to slide them apart. Pretty much, they’re not moving once you’re wearing them for your workout.

Book cover - Network Security Monitoring

Book Review: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring

Book cover - Network Security MonitoringSome more geek entertainment from No Starch press! The full title of this book is: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring: Understanding Incident Detection and Response. The Practice of NSM, as it’s abbreviated in the book, was written by the CSO of Mandiant, Richard Bejtlich, who also blogs at TaoSecurity.

So what is Network Security Monitoring? First, NSM isn’t about control, i.e. blocking, preventing or filtering; it’s about awareness and visibility. You may have a dozen of the best security products in place, but what if they’re either not doing what they’re supposed to or not catching other attacks? NSM gives you insight into the state of your security regardless of what products you have in place.

OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet

OtterBox, who we’ve featured multiple times in the past for their waterproof cases, has a new product feather in their cap – the Commuter Series Wallet. We all carry around a wallet or money clip or handbag or purse or in the worse case, haphazardly stashed stack of money and cards.

But we also carry around smartphones and we never leave home without those either. What if we combined them in some way? Well that’s what OtterBox has done. The Commuter Series Wallet attaches to either your iPhone 5/5s or your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. It slides out to reveal your money and cards and closes with an audible click.

Available now directly from OtterBox or other retailers like Amazon.

Mobius 1080p video action camera

Review: Mobius 1080p Action Video Camera

mobius-vid-camNot too long ago, we reviewed the DR32 DashCam, and found a solid, compact HD video camera that’s perfect for your car. Next up we have a cam that you may be able to hide completely in 1 hand, the Mobius action cam. The Mobius measures a mere 4 x 2.9 x 1.1 inches and weighs only 1.4 oz but takes 1080p HD video. Ah, technology!

Introduction and Features

Like the DR32, the Mobius can also shoot 720p video, and that can be toggled using one of the 3 buttons on the on the top. While it didn’t take much time to learn what order the buttons are in and what they do, I did at first wish that the icons and buttons were colored differently from the black of the case, instead of just being stencil cut.

Giveaway: Mimoco 8GB DC Superhero Mimobot

batman-8gbHere’s your chance to win one of three (3) stylish USB thumb drive designed like a DC superhero. Design house Mimoco marries consumer electronics with pop culture among other things and is known for many products, including their Mimobot line of USB flash drives.

Apart from the famous comic book superheroes like Superman, Batman and the Flash, they also make drives with characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers and South Park and many other pop culture sources.

Hit the jump to find out how easy it is to enter…

Review: SpeeCup Bluetooth Speaker

SpeeCupBluetooth speaker maker SpeeCup recently sent me their eponymous product. We’ll describe both their name and the product in one go – when you say SpeeCup, say it quickly and somewhat mute the ‘p’ and you’ll send up with something that sounds much like ‘speaker’. The ‘cup’ part is due to the SpeeCup being shaped like a large travel coffee cup. Clever.

Of course, this is meant to fit in your car’s cup holder and it does in mine with a little room to spare, so no forcing it in or out. …

Review: DR32 1080p DashCam Video Recorder

DR32 Dash CamIf you live in Russia and drive a car, there may be a higher-than-average chance that you have a dashcam (video camera in your car) and that it’s running all the time. Well so goes the stereotype at any rate! But if you’re in the market for a dash cam, read on for our review of an excellent video camera, the DR32.

Book Review: The Modern Web, Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

modern-web-bookPeter Gasston follows up his CSS3 book (“The Book of CSS3“) with this more encompassing subject on web development.

While I hardly need to restate a statistic that has been beaten to death in the past few years, mobile platforms are not only growing but outstripping traditional desktop computers in some parts of the world and in some industries. However, that doesn’t mean that all web development needs to be solely targeted at small screen devices. For that reason, adaptive and responsive web design has arisen to avoid the original method of building separate websites for desktops and mobile  devices. And as the author opines (and I agree), with the increasing variety in screen sizes, trying to build a set of fixed-width pages, even adaptive ones is a “fool’s errand”.

So what is the “modern Web”? Is it HTML5? Is HTML5 merely HTML + CSS3 + JavaScript? Actually, no; the reality is even more amazing. Just take a look at the platform that is HTML5 to see the huge array of web browser technologies that exist today.

What does The Modern Web cover? Not every subject under the HTML5 umbrella, but it does hit all of the higher profile technologies. For example, new CSS3 layouts, device-responsive CSS, what modern JavaScript can do, SVG graphics and multimedia, web APIs and more.

3 Amazing Gadgets for your Home

Our homes are our castles and, it’s fair to say that we love to fill our castles with technology and gadgetry. While there is a myriad array of gadgets out there that you can get today, today we figured we’d give you a quick look at three (3) that we feel are particularly cool.

floor plan light switch The Floor Plan Light Switch

While only a concept idea, the contemporary-styled Floor Plan Light Switch by Taewon Hwang lets you control the lighting in your home from a single switch, with each room in the home represented on the floor plan shaped light switch.

How many times have you left a light on upstairs just as you’re rushing out the door for work and don’t have time to switch it off? No more running back upstairs or the other side of the house to turn it off to save on electricity. Here’s to this being produced!

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