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Review: OtterBox iPad Case: Commuter and Defender Series

OtterBox has provided the latest in extreme protective cases for the klutzy and adventuresome for technology since 1998 and offered the Geeks a chance to test out their latest cases made for the hottest Geek toy – the iPad. We tested both the Defender and Commuter iPad OtterBox protective cases. The Defender Series provides protection for the most rugged of situations while the Commuter Series marries protection and style.

Review: OtterBox 1900 – Waterproof PDA Case

Review: OtterBox 1900 - Waterproof PDA Case OtterBox 1900

A week or so ago we reviewed OtterBox’s waterproof iPod Cases so the extreme geek with an active lifestyle could kayak or even swim while listening to their favorite tunes. What about if the extreme geek needs access to their PDA around sand, water and other harsh elements? OtterBox again comes to mind with their line of four PDA cases. Read the entire review to see if my PDA phoned drowned or survived the tests…

Review: Otterbox iPod Case (Nano and Mini iPod Cases)

Review: Otterbox iPod Case (Nano and Mini iPod Cases)

iPod Swimmer iPods are perfect gizmos for getting through the drudgery of workouts allowing your mind to wander to the music, but what if your workouts consist of water sports or swimming or anything more extreme that a stationary bike and treadmill? Otterbox says they have the solution with their line of waterproof iPod cases for the extreme and active geek. Combined with waterproof headphones, the Otterbox should allow you to swim while listening to your tunes. The Geeks think that’s pretty cool, but do the Otterbox cases actually work? Check out the rest of the review to see if my Mini or Nano get ruined testing the Otterbox cases and to see what we think of Otterbox’s products.

OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet

OtterBox, who we’ve featured multiple times in the past for their waterproof cases, has a new product feather in their cap – the Commuter Series Wallet. We all carry around a wallet or money clip or handbag or purse or in the worse case, haphazardly stashed stack of money and cards.

But we also carry around smartphones and we never leave home without those either. What if we combined them in some way? Well that’s what OtterBox has done. The Commuter Series Wallet attaches to either your iPhone 5/5s or your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. It slides out to reveal your money and cards and closes with an audible click.

Available now directly from OtterBox or other retailers like Amazon.

Review PowerMat iPhone Charger and Case

PowerMat iPhone Charger The Powermat Wireless Charging System for the iPhone provides iPhone users a protective case that also charges cable free. Powermat sent the Geeks a Wireless Charging System for both the iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPhone 4 and we put the case in the hands of some of our reviewers for a couple months to test in real world situations. One reviewer did accidentally drop their shiny new iPhone 4 on a concrete parking deck during the test… did the Powermat protect the device? What were the reviewers overall impressions of the Powermat iPhone case?

Giveaway: Win an Otterbox iPad Commuter Case

We recently reviewed both of the Otterbox iPad protective cases – the Defender and the Commuter. We’re giving away one Commuter case to a random Twitter user. All you need to do is follow us, and retweet. Easier than protecting your iPad!

Visit the contest page here. We’ll draw a winner (US residents only) on Mon 1 Nov 2010 at 6PM Pacific.

PS> You’ll want to stay tuned to our TwitterFacebook and/or RSS feeds because we’ll be giving away more stuff in the future. Just take a look at some of the stuff that has beenup for grabs in the past!

Here are our general contest & giveaway rules.

PPS> If you can’t wait, you can snag it from Amazon for about $65.

Update: Congrats to our winner – @jillyrh!

Review: Otter Product’s Rugged Laptop Case

Review: Otter Product's Rugged Laptop Case

Rugged Laptop Case: Ready for Challenge? The Geeks have reviewed a couple of Otterbox products including the Waterproof PDA Case and the Waterproof Nano and Mini iPod Cases. Otterbox sent us a pre-production model of their new Laptop Case. In the past, I’ve tested the Otterbox products at the pool, the shower, the tub and sink… well, this time I pitted the Otterbox product against the Cartecay River in the north Georgia mountains. Read on to see how the Otterbox Rugged Laptop Case performed.

Waterproof your iPod for the Beach or Pool

With summer just around the corner, Otterbox made the strategic move to to offer H2O Audio headphones on their website for $39.95

H2O Audio creates submersible products including iPod cases and waterproof headphones. Otterbox makes waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof products that protect and hold various equipment including iPods. The Geeks tested both the mini and nano iPod Otterbox cases recently and discovered that the Otterboxes can even protect the iPods from a Gizmateer standing directly on the case!

Now you never have to leave your music behind even while hanging at the beach or swimming at the pool and you can even tune out other people’s kids while sunning yourself poolside!

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