Sanyo Fisher FVDC1 CameraCorder

The Fisher CameraCorder is the first camera to incorporate both a True 3.2-Megapixel digital still camera and a MPEG-4 digital camcorder offering DVD-like video quality captured onto a removable Memory Card and not Video Tape, all in one pocket-size product.

Wireless 900MHz Outdoor Speakers

This cool-looking pair of portable, wireless speakers features robust weatherproof housing so you have the flexibility to enjoy your music system anywhere outside your home — on your deck or porch; in the yard or hot tub; around the pool or driveway ball court.

Roomba ProElite

Sure, you’ve all heard about the Roomba, but it really is so cool that we had to have it as a Gizmo of the Day. Wouldn’t you just love to have one less thing to worry about at home (vacuuming), and better yet, you would have a real robot working in your house!

Eyestrain-Reducing Computer Light

Wouldn’t you like to be an energetic, healthy programmer/geek/engineer/Internet surfer way into your twilight years and not be blind?! Well, having a good monitor *and* good lighting is the key. This stylish light that mounts ideally on top of your monitor is the product to get.