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Wired Magazine’s iPad App Issues are now Free

Wired Magazine iPad AppGood news! Wired’s iPad app just got free! Well, technically, the issues going forward are free. The older issues (April 2011 and older) still run about $3.99 each.

These issues are not small though – May’s issue is 380MB, so don’t forget to delete when you’re done with them. You’ll also know why your syncing with iTunes is taking so long.

But on the bright side, you get a full multimedia experience for a magazine, from the opening video to even interactive ads. It’s quite obvious that this took work, time and money above and beyond what it takes to put together a print zine, so hopefully their gamble to make it free pays off. I certainly hope so.

Egobook Facebook Profile book

EgoBook – Create a Book Based On Your Facebook Profile

Egobook  Facebook Profile bookRemember Social Artworks that lets you create a poster of your Facebook friends mugshots? Well, EgoBook is a similar idea, except they create a book — yes an actual book — of status updates, published pictures, messages and comments from your Facebook profile.

Probably the neatest feature is that your friend’s profile picture is the one that they had at the time they made the comment, wall post, etc. Pricing depends on the number of pages that book runs and runs from $30-$45 on average.

Large photo after the jump: …

iPhone tax Apps

Top iPhone Apps to Help You with Your Taxes

iPhone tax AppsHooray, tax time is here again! I know you are thrilled, I can see it in your face. Before you fall off your seat in excitement, let me help you out with some tips that might make this tax season just a bit easier than last year.

With the constant influx of new portable computing and network-connected devices, doing your taxes no longer consists of just taking your information to your accountant and having them fill out your 1040 form with a pencil. Doing your taxes is now more technology-assisted than ever with the majority of people choosing to e-file their taxes through programs like Turbo Tax, TaxAct, H&R Block amongst many other online sources.

But even tax filing has spread to smartphones and tablets that are growing rapidly. For example, there are more than a few iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS) apps that can make filing your taxes quicker and more convenient. I know, this is probably not a big surprise since there are apps for everything from calculating tips to performing voodoo ceremonies. Nonetheless, here is an overview of the best apps that will make filing your taxes a breeze:

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 Now Available

If you want to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone to use some of those cool jailbreak hacks we showcased last year, but you already upgraded to the latest v 4.x firmware, you are in luck. An (untethered) iOS jailbreak is now out for v4.3.1.

It still doesn’t work on the iPad 2 (fix is forthcoming) or the Verizon iPhone, but covers everything else.

CrashPlan Offers Multiple-Location Backup for $1.50/Month

Stop for a minute and think about how you’d cope if you lost the contents of your hard drive. If you hadn’t thought about backing up your data because of cost, security reasons or because you didn’t true the backup companies, it’s definitely time to think again. Another good product we’ve found to back up your data is CrashPlan, but we really love BackBlaze which we mentioned in our daily must-use products.

Best Buy Offers TiVo on Insignia Internet TVs

TiVo, the DVR entertainment company, has announced that it is going to integrate its services in with Best Buy’s range of Insignia TVs to give another medium for their services to be viewed on. The deal will put Best Buy in a more competitive position with Wal-Mart, who acquired Vudu last year. Sources say that this move will allow them to offer their own on-demand video services that Best Buy has been developing for some time now, through TiVo’s software.

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