Review: Angry Birds Squeezable Soft Toy With Sounds

Angry Birds Stuffed Toy with SoundsWhen I got the invitation to try out the Angry Birds soft toy with authentic sounds, I just had to say yes. This soft toy about 4″ across fits comfortably in an adult hand, and my 1-year-old loved holding it with both of hers.

Although she doesn’t know what the Angry Birds app/video game is, she loved hearing the sounds coming out of it when you squeeze it in the right spot (hit this page to hear the sounds). Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t quite duplicate it! Maybe later on.

And if you’re thinking about getting this for a small child, it’s pretty safe because the sound mechanism is buried far enough inside not to hurt a little one from throwing, at perhaps some stuffed pigs!

This little novelty costs £5.99 and makes a great little gag gift for the Angry Birds addict in your friend circle or as a stocking stuffer or kid’s birthday goodie bag.

So what’s next? Angry Birds clothes? Angry Birds board games?! How about genetically engineered angry birds? No, I take that back. Stop evil geniuses – go work on something else!

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product courtesy of Find Me a Gift.)

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