Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun

If your dad’s really into Star Wars, you owe it to him to give 24 inches of pure awesomeness in this Limited Edition (only 1200 individually numbered being made for worldwide sale) Stormtrooper. This Stormtrooper is basically a mashup of giant Japanese toys of yesteryear and Star Wars Stormtroopers with free rotating wheels on the… Continue reading Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun

Lego Model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

As a kid, my favorite thing to build with Lego were houses, believe it or not. So I really wish that Lego had these ‘architecture’ sets back in the day, but now they do. Take the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Fallingwater. Here it is in stunning Lego detail. Fantastic. This replica comes with a booklet… Continue reading Lego Model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Teckell Glass Foosball Table

Recently we’ve found ways to bring retro products in to the modern world and this glass Foosball table by Teckell is no exception; it takes all the ‘traditional’ aspects of gameplay, and mixes it with extreme styling more fitting for today’s world. The table is made out of glass walls and pitch, and has little… Continue reading Teckell Glass Foosball Table

TuneUp – clean up your iTunes music collection

If you’ve got an iPod or an iPhone, then chances are that you use iTunes as well. You’ve spent hours and days ripping your CDs into iTunes, and well, you’ve got a bit of a mess, because all of the song titles, artists and cover art isn’t there. Sometimes, artist names end up with multiple… Continue reading TuneUp – clean up your iTunes music collection

33 Cool LEGO Creations

Trendhunter magazine has a nice article with a collection of cool creations either based on Legos or with Legos at its core. My favorites: Lego cufflinks, Lego Las Vegas, and ice trays that make ice Lego bricks.

Remote Control Jousting Knights

One of my all-time favorite arcade games is Joust, but I’m just a poor Geek and can’t afford full-sized arcade games like the Chief Gadgeteer so I have to settle with these little remote control Jousting Knights. Each set includes two R/C horses, lances, and two brave riders. The goal is simple: knock your opponent… Continue reading Remote Control Jousting Knights