Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun

Limited Edition 24" Giant Stormtrooper If your dad’s really into Star Wars, you owe it to him to give 24 inches of pure awesomeness in this Limited Edition (only 1200 individually numbered being made for worldwide sale) Stormtrooper. This Stormtrooper is basically a mashup of giant Japanese toys of yesteryear and Star Wars Stormtroopers with free rotating wheels on the bottom of the feet, a highly detailed BlasTech blaster with unfoldable stock, spring loaded “Rocket Punch” firing fist, six points of articulation and painted using the same techniques used by Japanese toy makers of the 70s.

Japan began a toy phenomenon still revered today: the Jumbo Machinder (aka Shogun Warriors in the Mattel releases) – two feet tall, wheels on feet, and spring loaded fists. Well, guess what? The two have now combined in the Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun!

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Price: $299.99
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