TuneUp – clean up your iTunes music collection

If you’ve got an iPod or an iPhone, then chances are that you use iTunes as well. You’ve spent hours and days ripping your CDs into iTunes, and well, you’ve got a bit of a mess, because all of the song titles, artists and cover art isn’t there. Sometimes, artist names end up with multiple versions. Ugh. So how do you fix this without spending even more hours and days?

Enter TuneUp from TuneUp Media. Not only does it promise those fixes, but it will also keep track of upcoming concerts based on your music collection and let you know, including links to buy tickets; it will also search the Web automatically and bring you YouTube videos, and other material related to your music.

TuneUp integrates into iTunes, and reminds me of Xobni which plugs into Outlook. TuneUp is free, and not sure what their business model is, so grab it before it gets a price tag.