Yoda USB Desk Protector

Yoda Desk Protector Protect desk this will… the Yoda Desk Protector energizes using your computer’s USB port and protects your desk against the Sith and your boss’. If one of the bad guys comes around, Yoda fires up his lightsaber and first warns them to back off. Back off you will… or Yoda will slice your head off using his green lightsaber.

The Yoda Desk Protector comes complete with a super-long USB cable, so even if your last remaining port is way in the back of your tower, Yoda can still be out front where he’s needed. His motion sensor will detect movement between 6 and 9 feet away depending on the lighting in your office. While you’re sitting at your desk you can keep him in silent mode so he doesn’t drive you nuts with his nuggets of wisdom. You can only take so much Jedi Master before you go insane, after all…

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Price: $25.99
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