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Comcast XFINITY iPad TV app

Comcast XFINITY TV iPad App Released

Comcast XFINITY iPad TV app Comcast announced an upgrade to the XFINITY iPad app which was released on February 1st. This new (and free) upgrade allows Comcast consumers to watch their favorite On Demand shows and movies right on the Apple iPad. This is in addition to being able to use your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as a remote control, to search On Demand and TV listings and to schedule your DVR even when you’re away from home.

If you have Comcast and use this app, we want to know what you think. This feels like a new killer app for the iPad similar to the Netflix iPad app.

This LED Lightbulb Could Earn You a “Free” iPad

If you’re still using 100W lightbulbs in your house there’s potential here to save a lot of money. The PAR20 by ELS (Electronic Lighting Science, Inc) is an LED light bulb that runs off a mere 9W of power. Replacing 100W bulbs with these could save you a fortune on your electricity bill. Let’s see how long it takes to save enough money to buy an iPad.

iPad SIM card

A Guide to iPad SIM Cards and Broadband Service Plans

iPad SIM card
iPad SIM card - Image courtesy of Adrian Nier

There’s no doubt that the Apple iPad is one of the hottest gadgets currently available and is top of many wants lists. However, without the right SIM card deal in place you’ll never really exploit the full potential of this must-have technology accessory.

The iPad SIM card is a small slip of plastic similar to the SIM card in your cell phone but they are unique to the iPad. The iPad Sim then allows your 3G-enabled iPad to connect to a 3G network and you would pay for the data either on a contract or on a pay-as-you-go plan. …

My 12 Favorite Apps for the iPad that Rock!

Zinio iPad app best ipad apps ipad best apps best apps for ipad ipad favorite apps favorite apps for ipad top ipad apps top apps for ipad Every few days I am asked what are the best apps for the iPad and what my iPad favorite apps are. In fact, last May, I wrote about My 12 Favorite iPad Apps where I called out 12 of the best apps for iPad so I thought I’d revisit the list to see if my favorites have changed. As expected, my top apps for iPad have evolved over time. For example, only three of the twelve iPad apps have remained on my list for best apps for iPad including Kindle, Zinio and Mail.

Read on to see what my best apps for the iPad list include for January 2011.

Apple’s Earnings Released Crushing Estimates and iPad Sales Soar

iPads, iPods, iPhones, Macs and iTunes oh my Jobs! Apple released first quarter results that surprised and beat the street with profit up $6.43 a share which was up from $3.67 last year and even beat Cramer’s “wild high” estimate of $6. Sales dramatically increased from $15.683B from a year ago to $26.74B this past quarter.

How could this happen? After all my partner mentioned:

This isn’t going to be a device that everyone wants or needs. If you’re already a laptop owner, you’re probably not foaming at the mouth for one of these. Sure a touchscreen is nice, but is it nicer than having Flash support in your Web browser?

iHolder iPad Stand Holds iPad up like an iMac monitor

iHolder iPad Stand
iHolder iPad Stand

Ever since the iPad came out I’ve asked myself “can I replace my computer with it?”. Until now, the answer has been no, but with a stand that seems dedicated to turning the iPad into a monitor/iMac it’s becoming more of a reality.

Of course I’m still going to need some more power than 1Ghz and a larger screen, but this doesn’t do a bad job.

The creatively-titled “iHolder iPad Stand’ can hold your iPad (!) at 3 different viewing angles for your comfort. The stand has cutouts so all the necessary ports are available for use, and is compatible with both the WiFi and 3G models.

Stuart Hughes Brings us the Gold iPad

Stuart Hughes, the man who has brought us mad gold-plated gadgets for years from a huge array of phones, to laptops and more has done it again with his gold iPad. The iPad ‘Fire’ edition has a back covered in gold and weighs 2.5kg. The Apple symbol on the back is also set in diamonds. And what does it cost you? A mere £130,000 (over $200,000 at today’s rate). I’ll take two please.

If Mr Jones next door already has one, you may need to consider the Supreme Ice edition – the platinum version of the device costing £300,000 (or almost half a million hard-earned US dollars).

Buy now! We dare you!
Price: approx. $200,000
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Gartner legitimizing iPad for Corporate Use

iPad is here Gartner has recommended that CEOs clear obstacles that prevent IT departments from taking advantage of the iPad according to TUAW.

Stephen Prentice, a VP and Gartner fellow, said in the report: “It is not usually the role of the CEO to get directly involved in specific technology device decisions, but Apple’s iPad is an exception. It is more than just the latest consumer gadget. CEOs and business leaders should initiate a dialog with their CIOs about if they have not already done so.”

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