iHolder iPad Stand Holds iPad up like an iMac monitor

iHolder iPad Stand
iHolder iPad Stand

Ever since the iPad came out I’ve asked myself “can I replace my computer with it?”. Until now, the answer has been no, but with a stand that seems dedicated to turning the iPad into a monitor/iMac it’s becoming more of a reality.

Of course I’m still going to need some more power than 1Ghz and a larger screen, but this doesn’t do a bad job.

The creatively-titled “iHolder iPad Stand’ can hold your iPad (!) at 3 different viewing angles for your comfort. The stand has cutouts so all the necessary ports are available for use, and is compatible with both the WiFi and 3G models.

The iPad can be put on its side for the iMac effect, or vertically for typing up a long document. Pricing is at $50 – a snitch to upgrade your iPad to something more closely resembling a computer. Of course, you’ll have to shell out a bit extra for a wireless keyboard. Stay tuned, because we’ll be reviewing a neat one soon for the iPad.

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Price: $49.95
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