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Innovative Uses for Your iPad

Apple iPadWe all know that your iPad is a great tool for surfing the web, reading e-books, checking e-mail, playing games and more. And, of course, there’s an app for just about everything.

With customization, you can use your iPad to balance your checkbook, find out how fast your car is traveling, log your daily food intake, watch movies, and do just about anything else you can think of doing. Here are a few more ways to use your iPad that you may not yet have considered.

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Rep Jesse Jackson Jr Says iPads Kill Jobs

If you can get past how ridiculous this sounds, you just have to laugh. Illinois representative Jesse Jackson Jr. says that the iPad is killing jobs in America. Of course, while he railed about the iPad (and I assume other devices/computing in general) destroying the traditional publishing world, he then went on to talk about how the iPad was produced in China and how it’s killing jobs locally as well.

So should we stop producing iPads in China or stop producing them period? The ball is in your court Rep. Jackson. You may notice that while he seemed incensed at this ‘great injustice’, he didn’t actually put forward any solutions. Watch the video: …

Wired Magazine iPad App

Wired Magazine’s iPad App Issues are now Free

Wired Magazine iPad AppGood news! Wired’s iPad app just got free! Well, technically, the issues going forward are free. The older issues (April 2011 and older) still run about $3.99 each.

These issues are not small though – May’s issue is 380MB, so don’t forget to delete when you’re done with them. You’ll also know why your syncing with iTunes is taking so long.

But on the bright side, you get a full multimedia experience for a magazine, from the opening video to even interactive ads. It’s quite obvious that this took work, time and money above and beyond what it takes to put together a print zine, so hopefully their gamble to make it free pays off. I certainly hope so.

Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad 2

Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad 2 – A Spec-by-Spec Breakdown

Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad 2The tablet war rages on and it is still not completely clear who will be the eventual victor (perhaps no single vendor at all). Will it be Apple (and their new iPad 2) or Motorola and the Xoom, their new tablet running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or perhaps another up-and-comer? Of course, many have already anointed Apple as the winner, but it has been just over a year since the first iPad appeared, and hardly anything is ever decided in a year.

Although it may seem that cost would be the main factor in determining the champ here, these tablets are more complex than merely price tags. There are more than a few other interesting specs that might determine the winners and losers. We’ll start off with the size and go from there. Scroll down to the end to see a summary table.

Garageband iPad App

Review: Garageband iPad App

Garageband iPad App How would you like to carry a portable music studio with you? Using the Garageband App on the iPad, you can!

This next generation iPad app provides value by allowing iPad user’s to create music content rather than just consume by turning the iPad into a collection of touch instruments including Guitars, Basses, Keyboards and Drum Sets and use the app as a full-featured recording studio that allows you to mix up to eight tracks to create songs you can easily share.

The track layout allows you to trim and place musical regions exactly where you want them to play and fine-tune individual track volumes including turning the track into a solo or muting and adjusting pan, reverb and echo. Garageband also includes 250 professional prerecorded loops to enhance your song.

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2. Steve Jobs Says “I’m Blown Away With This Stuff”

Apple iPad 2 Steve Jobs returned from his medical leave absence to show off the latest “insanely great” product by Apple – the iPad 2. Of course the audience provided Steve Jobs with a standing ovation when he came on stage and it’s good to see him looking fairly healthy, albeit a little thin.

Jobs started the announcement talking about Random House and their 17 thousand books are joining the other publishers to provide content for iBooks. Additionally, in less than 1 year, 100 million books have been downloaded.

Always wanting to show value for the App Store developers, Jobs then mentioned that Apple now has over 200 million Apple ID accounts with credit cards linked and ready to purchase using 1-click purchasing. He questioned whether Apple or Amazon had the most accounts with a linked credit card. Next he mentioned that over $2 billion has been paid to developers cumulatively. To further drive home his point of providing a marketplace with built in consumers for Apps, Jobs mentioned that over 100 million iPhones have been shipped.

With that out of the way, Jobs then started talking about the iPad 2…

Apple iPad

Latest iPad Rumors Suggest More Memory, Thinner Body, Front-Facing Camera

The latest round of rumors concerning the iPad 2 specs are in, this set courtesy of a source that Engadget regularly uses. According to them, the iPad 2 feature a dual GSM/CDMA chipset so that it can be provisioned on either an AT&T or a Verizon/Sprint carrier.

Originally, the rumors said there would be an SD card slot and a higher resolution display, but those apparently are out.

However, the new iPad should be thinner, and have a more rounded bezel, have more RAM (512MB) and quite likely a front-facing camera.

Of course, Apple has surprised before and the rumors haven’t always been 100% on the money, so don’t count on these being the final specs.

Speedtest.Net iOS App

Must-Have Broadband Apps for iPhone and iPad

It is a fact that the iPhone (and now the iPad as well) has been one of the most successful product of the century and has become a dream purchase for many. Also the continually-increasing 3G infrastructure upgrades and growing number of WiFi networks across the globe have boosted data speeds.

In tandem with this growth, almost every broadband provider have built their own apps with various applications in mind. Here I have listed three (3) must-have apps categories with two (2) apps each for a total of 6 apps.

Free My New iPad: A User’s Guide Giveaway!

My New iPad A User's Guide Best iPad Apps If you read the review Monday of My New iPad: A User’s Guide and are interested in winning a free copy, the Geeks are giving away a copy of the book.

It’s simple to win! First, make sure you are one of our valuable subscribers to our weekly newsletter. This is good idea to catch our content in a digest in email and will provide eligibility for future contests — and we have some cool giveaways queuing up!

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Giveaway and Contest Rules

My New iPad A User's Guide Best iPad Apps

Review: My New iPad: A User’s Guide – No Starch Press

My New iPad A User's Guide Best iPad Apps Wallace Wang, best seller of My New Mac and My New iPhone for the No Starch Press publisher has written a new book detailing everything you need to know about the iPad in a book called “My New iPad: A User’s Guide.” No Starch Press provided a reviewer’s copy of “My New iPad: A User’s Guide” for this review.

“My New iPad: A User’s Guide” includes seven chapters including: basic training; customizing your iPad; getting on the Internet; sharing data with your iPad; video, music, and eBooks; organizing yourself and additional tips. Each chapter is small and comes in easily consumable chunks of information that can instantly help new users complete a certain task with easy to follow step by step instructions.

The first chapter called “Basic Training” teaches you how to turn on and off the iPad, what the various buttons and slides perform and how to use and customize the virtual keyboard. Apple changed the Screen Location Lock since the book was published so information has changed since the publish date resulting in incorrect information.

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