Samsung Galaxy Tab – Smaller, Faster, Better iPad?

Recently Samsung unleashed their Galaxy Tab on the world to add to the growing number of tablets on the market. Now it’s been out a few months we’re ready to give you a proper view of what this tablet is like.

The Galaxy Tab is running Android 2.2, has a 7″ (inch) screen and dual cameras. That’s right, cameras front and back for taking shots and video calling – it certainly puts it a cut above the iPad in this respect.

The smaller size of the Tab makes is easier to use in one hand that its competitors – something you might find attractive. I’ve personally seen people pull them out of their jacket pockets in coffee shops – you wouldn’t really expect that with an iPad.

Display on this is good stuff too – the 1024×600 resolution touchscreen is ultra-responsive. It won’t disappoint you!

Samung Galaxy Tab tablet

The Android operating system it runs on is just an upscaled version of the Android operating system for smartphones, but it works fine on it. A 7-inch screen isn’t that much of a step up from a phone. Samsung have gone the extra mile over other competitors though by adding some very nice proprietary to the phone, such as the Media Hub (also available on some Samsung phones) that gives you access to Samsung’s movie/TV store.

We guess browsing is the main thing you’re going to be doing on the Tab and we’re happy to report that it is excellent. Pages load quickly and full flash support is there, but if you don’t really need flash then it’s best to switch it off to speed up the browser speed. Flash does have a problem with some videos on websites that aren’t optimised for mobile viewing.

Processor and RAM are beefy at 1GHz and 512MB respectively. Battery life is approximately 6 hours – not as good as the iPad but average for most tablets available.

All-in-all a good tablet and worth the $300 + $30 a month (for 2 years) price tag (on Sprint). Upgrading the deal from 2GB of data per month to 5GB of data will set you back another $30 a month.

A Wi-Fi version is in the pipeline and will be available sometime this quarter.

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Price: $549.99 (From AT&T)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)