Motorized Lounger Chair


Do you love to sit and sunbath out in the pool? Have you ever thought how it would be nice to move around the pool instead of just sitting in one spot? Many people use lounger chairs in the pool so that they can sit on top of the water and just float around and sunbath. Some lounge chairs are better than other and can vary on how comfortable they are. One company has developed what they call the Ultimate Lounger.


The Ultimate Lounger is named that because it is a motorized lounger chair. The chair is propelled around the pool by two ultra quiet motors, this ensures that you can relax and not be overpowered by the sound of motors. You get two joysticks so that you can control where the lounger chair goes in the pool. There is also a built in cup holder for party drinks or just everyday drinks. There is one downside to having this motorized lounger chair and that is that the chair requires 12 D-cell batteries. Other than this one downside, it is a great pool accessory that will make your everyday more entertaining. This is a must have for anyone who spends anytime in a pool and loves to sunbath.

Written by Devicepedia