Samsung SGH-T719

The Samsung SGH-T719 has the capabilities to check your email, something that used to only be available on Blackberry devices. This phone offers you the ability to send your emails all in its sleek package. The phone can easily be customized with all your personal information. Messages are easy to read on the 2.2 inch internal screen. Responding to your messages is a bit harder than they would be on some other phones because it doesn’t have a QWERTY layout. It instead has two letters on most of the keys. The keyboard is set up to predict what letter you mean.

The SGH-T719 is only 0.7 inches thick and measures 3.8 inches long and 2.1 inches thick when closed. The phone is comfortable to hold up to your ear because the phone is almost 7 inches long when opened. The battery life is 9 hours and 21 minutes when it was tested in the lab. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera included with the phone. This camera has the ability to capture video clips but doesn’t feature a media player. This phone is available through T-Mobile for $250, with a two year contract.

Written by “Latest Devices