Fido Robotic Luggage


Traveling is never a stress free experience. And then as you walk, you are continuously ramming the back of your feet with your luggage. This is never a happy time and usually you end up with bruising from the abuse from your luggage. Have you ever wished that your luggage would just follow you at a safe distance, all by itself? It is now possible with a new invention by architect Peter Yeadon.

This new invention is called the Fido Robotic Luggage. The luggage is designed to follow you at a safe distance. The luggage works simply by the owner wearing a controller, possible on their wrist, which contains an on/off switch. The controller also contains a receiver for programming voice recognition. The Fido Robotic Luggage contains a laser sensor that will keep the bag from ramming into the back of your feet. The laser will also keep the bag from going off the edge of staircases. The luggage has an internal batter that can be recharged from a cord or by the rotation of the luggage’s wheels. The outer look of the luggage can be found in many different patterns, colors or you can customize your own look. There is also a handle where you can pull your own luggage around. This product should take some of the stress out of traveling.



Written by Devicepedia