The Social Web gets its own set of movie trailers

We all really relate to movies, don’t we? We jump to see movie-versions of books and compelling news stories. Well how about a movie version of the origins of Facebook? Well, that’s actually coming to a movie theater near you this Fall. It’s called “The Social Network“. The trailer is after the jump.

But not to be left out, some other aspiring, comedic filmmakers have put out their own versions of ‘trailers’ for movies about YouTube and now Twitter!

The Tweeting Kettle – the Twettle!

UK designers Ben Perman and Murat Mutlu have come up with another tweeting appliance, this time a kettle. They have a pretty fun read of how they came up with the idea and although it started off as just a ‘crazy’ idea, the publicity it has generated has actually landed them the funding they need to make it a reality.

They’re pretty smart though and as they’ve noted in a follow-up post, the crux of this project isn’t about tea, a kettle or Twitter, but rather about WiFi module with an API that you can plug into just about anything. And they’re right, networking (active verb) stuff is the future; it’s what we’re all going to expect gadgets to have by default.

Google jumps into the social web with Buzz; goes up against Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Google rolled out its latest product, called Google Buzz [announcement], this time in the social networking arena. Buzz is built into Gmail and has tight integration with your e-mail inbox.

You can share links, photos and videos directly from within Gmail and it uses your existing set of Gmail contacts. You can see what your friends are sharing and Buzz also recommends items based on your activity.

The ‘anti-Twitter’: Woofer!

LOL. Too funny. 2 guys from DC decided to create the “anti-Twitter” appropriately titled Woofer. What does that mean exactly? Woofer doesn’t have a maximum length like Twitter; instead it has a minimum length (1400 characters to be exact)!

It’s actually an homage to Twitter. Not sure this will actually have Twitter-like traction, especially as 1400 characters is really getting up into blog entry length.

The bit I find most interesting is that you can tweet your woofs!  Too bad they didn’t get the domain

PS> I can’t woof this post; it’s not long enough!

via WSJ

Zensify – Social Networking App for iPhone and iPod Touch


Zensify is an app available for both iPhone and iPod Touch that brings together all your social networking sites in one, easy to view page enabling you to view all your social network updates simultaneously without having to load each page individually.

Currently only available for iPhone and iPod, if you dig a little deeper to the sole investors of Zensify – Ipex – they say that other mobile platforms will be supported later this year. Stay tuned.

Article Recap for the Week Ending Apr 24, 2009

Here are some of our notable articles for the past week. First we pondered whether Twitter’s popularity would last. Google News now has a Timeline of Events – nice feature.

We noticed that YouTube were looking to accept full length and legal content, while Fuijitsu have developed some secure new memory sticks. Adobe announced their plans to integrate Flash technology with TVs.

Oracle is picking up where IBM left off, buying out Sun for around $7 billion. That’s a lot of Rubik’s Cube Clocks!

Will Twitter’s ‘mainstream’ popularity last?

Ashton Kutcher and CNN recently went head to head to see who would hit 1 million followers first (Kutcher won by a nose), and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone remarked that it was another watershed event in the history of Twitter.

One reporter said that this brought Twitter mainstream, but in our opinion, that does not mean it will last. Twitter is a bit like radio in that it’s a one-to-many broadcast. The 1-to-1 ‘conversations’ that so many people describe on Twitter are cumbersome at best, and public.

Twitter needs to evolve. And quickly. They’re not the only ones in the social media business. Sites like FriendFeed and of course Facebook may yet ‘eat their lunch’. On the other, there’s a big old world out there with a lot of people not yet connected to the Net, yet alone tweeting…

To Tweet or not to Tweet…

Twitter has seen exponential growth that has surpassed even Facebook, well at least on a percentage basis. On a raw user # basis, Twitter has but a mere 8 million members compared with Facebook’s monstrous 175 million.

But lots of folks just don’t get it – what’s the point of Twitter? Perhaps it doesn’t fill an obvious need and that’s their issue. Perhaps Twitter and other similar services (yes, there are others like Plurk) are inventing a need, or at least a service that will precipitate a need. Did you *really* need TiVo?

tikitag becomes touchatag, can now read QR Codes

tikitag, which was one of the new techs that we saw at CES, has changed their name to touchatag. More notably, touchatag now features the ability to read 2D barcodes (also known as QR Codes).

As a side note, we discovered this bit of news via Twitter (of all places) via one of the engineers that works at touchatag. As much as Twitter can seem to be somewhat of a novelty on the surface, it is obviously becoming more of an important tool in the arsenal of any professional that needs to network in any way.

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