Will Twitter’s ‘mainstream’ popularity last?

Ashton Kutcher and CNN recently went head to head to see who would hit 1 million followers first (Kutcher won by a nose), and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone remarked that it was another watershed event in the history of Twitter.

One reporter said that this brought Twitter mainstream, but in our opinion, that does not mean it will last. Twitter is a bit like radio in that it’s a one-to-many broadcast. The 1-to-1 ‘conversations’ that so many people describe on Twitter are cumbersome at best, and public.

Twitter needs to evolve. And quickly. They’re not the only ones in the social media business. Sites like FriendFeed and of course Facebook may yet ‘eat their lunch’. On the other, there’s a big old world out there with a lot of people not yet connected to the Net, yet alone tweeting…

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