How to integrate Twitter results into Google

Twitter is all the rage these days, so much so that even politicians are tweeting. There are more people searching Twitter for ‘news’ events, granted that those stories are 140 characters max, and not backed up with any sources, etc. The bottom line is that Twitter is growing as an info source.

If you’re a researcher that now also uses Twitter as a reference, or perhaps just a Twitter-junkie, you’ll probably find this hack very useful.

Ditch your RSS reader & replace it with Twitter?

Tech writer Don Reisinger feels that you can use Twitter to effectively replace your RSS reader. He makes a case for following everyone that follows you and following every site that you have in your RSS reader.

I can’t say I completely agree. Here’s why: for starters, I follow easily over 200 RSS feeds, and I use Netvibes to categorize those info sources into subject areas that I may not check for weeks. If I used Twitter solely, I may miss many of those new entries or simply not have been ready to digest that type of content.

Obama Takes #1 Spot on Twitter

While John McCain is still learning how to use email (we’re not kidding), his U.S. Presidential competition has completely mastered the micro-blogging service Twitter.

This month, American presidential candidate Barack Obama dethroned Kevin Rose from and became the most popular person on Twitter. According to Twitterholic, a website that measures the “followers” of Twitter accounts, Barack Obama has over 58,000 followers.

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