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Sony moves 250,000 new PSPs in 4 days

Hmm… perhaps Sony isn’t so screwed after all. 250k units moved in four days is pretty respectable. They sold just over that amount of the original PSP in Japan in all of July and August.

Good for them. I hardly want to see Sony go away. I feel that they’ve historically contributed significantly to the CE industry and that they probably still have a lot of cool stuff left in them. Wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t consider anything but a Sony TV. Hell, I have one sitting in my living room that refuses to die (so I can go out and get a huge ass LCoS, of course!)


Neuros Recorder Update: PSP Fix and Product Enhancements

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, the PSP firmware upgrade caused files created by Neuros Recorder to not play.

Neuros is excited to announce that they have released a firmware fix for the Sony PSP incompatibility that we discussed in our previous email. As you know, after Sony released firmware version 2.7 for the PSP, some video files did not initially work after Sony’s upgrade. We have fixed this technical issue by releasing a firmware solution of our own here, (

Check out Neuros’ press release and their take on the issue.

In case you don’t know what a Neuros Recorder is and you have a PSP, you should check Neuros out.

NewSoft Digital Converter Adds MPEG-4 Support for iPod and PSP

FREMONT, CA — (May 9, 2006) – NewSoft, a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, announced today the addition of several new, key technology features in version 1.06 of the Presto! Digital Converter. An all-inclusive solution for direct to DVD conversion of analog video and audio to digital, this latest version adds MPEG-2 support as well as MPEG-4 format support for the Apple iPod and Sony PSP. Version 1.06 also offers a “Save Asâ€? feature, enabling users to save their content to burn later or view from their desktop using any leading software player. At no additional cost, Presto! Digital Converter 1.06 will also include the latest version of NewSoft’s popular video editing program, VideoWorks 6.2. For existing Presto! Digital Converter 1.03 users, the new 1.06 upgrade will be available through

Neuros Recorder 2 owners — Do not upgrade your PSP to Version 2.7

Bad Sony bad… Sony’s latest firmware upgrade causing problems with Neuros’ RC2 product.

Sony has recently offered a firmware upgrade for the PSP from Version 2.6 to Version 2.7. We donÂ’t think Sony did this on purpose, but, for now, PSPs with the upgraded firmware wonÂ’t play files recorded with the Recorder 2. A second result of this issue is that any files you may have recorded previously with the Recorder 2 would need to be converted to play on PSPs having the upgraded Version 2.7 firmware.

Talkman for Sony PSP

Talkman for Sony PSP

The Talkman is a real-world killer app for the Sony PSP! This software (with a USB microphone) is a voice-activated translation application allowing you to interact in foreign languages using your PSP!

The software translates between English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (the official language in China, although there are countless varieties and dialects) and Korean. Make your PSP multi-lingual!

Review: Slappa PSP HardBody Case

Review: Slappa PSP HardBody Case

PSP in Slappa PSP Hardbody The Slappa PSP Complete Case successfully protected our PSP last week, so today the Geeks tested Slappa’s smaller Playstation Portable (PSP) case called the HardBody Case. We have been testing Slappa products for quite some time now and Slappa has garnered our respect for making high quality protection systems for various geek gear. Read on to see if this trend continues…

Review: Slappa PSP Complete Case

Review: Slappa PSP Complete Case

Slappa PSP Complete Case The Geeks have played with several Slappa products over the years and have never been disappointed with the various products they sell that “protect your digital gear.” Today, we will test the Slappa tagline by putting a Sony Playstation Portable at risk in the PSP Complete Case. If the PSP survives the tests today, we’ll then test the PSP in their HardBody Case for the PSP. Check out our thoughts on the Slappa PSP Complete Case by reading on.

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