Neuros Recorder 2 owners — Do not upgrade your PSP to Version 2.7

Bad Sony bad… Sony’s latest firmware upgrade causing problems with Neuros’ RC2 product.

Sony has recently offered a firmware upgrade for the PSP from Version 2.6 to Version 2.7. We donÂ’t think Sony did this on purpose, but, for now, PSPs with the upgraded firmware wonÂ’t play files recorded with the Recorder 2. A second result of this issue is that any files you may have recorded previously with the Recorder 2 would need to be converted to play on PSPs having the upgraded Version 2.7 firmware.

Until Neuros solves this problem, they strongly recommend that, if you have not already done so, that you wait before upgrading your PSP firmware to Version 2.7.

Neuros takes this issue seriously and are taking three different approaches to solve it. They are: (i) working to create an upgrade to our own firmware so that files made with the Recorder 2 will play on the PSP. They anticipate that this will take a week or two to solve; and (ii) trying to make Sony aware of the problem so that we can work with them to create a firmware upgrade that does not have the problem. Neuros doesn’t know if Sony will cooperate with this but will keep pushing. (iii) they are working to provide a free solution to convert your old recordings to play on the new PSP firmware.

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