NewSoft Digital Converter Adds MPEG-4 Support for iPod and PSP

FREMONT, CA — (May 9, 2006) – NewSoft, a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, announced today the addition of several new, key technology features in version 1.06 of the Presto! Digital Converter. An all-inclusive solution for direct to DVD conversion of analog video and audio to digital, this latest version adds MPEG-2 support as well as MPEG-4 format support for the Apple iPod and Sony PSP. Version 1.06 also offers a “Save Asâ€? feature, enabling users to save their content to burn later or view from their desktop using any leading software player. At no additional cost, Presto! Digital Converter 1.06 will also include the latest version of NewSoft’s popular video editing program, VideoWorks 6.2. For existing Presto! Digital Converter 1.03 users, the new 1.06 upgrade will be available through

In two easy steps, NewSoft’s Presto! Digital Converter v1.06 transfers audio and/or video from any AV or S-Video playback device, to the designated playback media or device, in real-time without going through the computer’s hard drive. Ideal for today’s on-the-go lifestyles, users can now access their content when they want and where they want it, without compromising video quality or being limited to specific playback devices. With VideoWorks 6.2, users also have many easy-to-use, full-featured video editing tools giving them the freedom to quickly and easily edit out unwanted content, add transition effects, and more.

“With the additional support provided by version 1.06, Presto! Digital Converter users have all of the features they need to turn their iPod or PSP into a portable movie player,� said James Li, President of NewSoft, “Portable DVD players, video iPods and PSP give consumers the freedom to enjoy movies and purchased programming on the go, our Digital Converter expands that freedom to include home videos and even recorded TV.�