Review: Slappa PSP Complete Case

Review: Slappa PSP Complete Case

Slappa PSP Complete Case The Geeks have played with several Slappa products over the years and have never been disappointed with the various products they sell that “protect your digital gear.” Today, we will test the Slappa tagline by putting a Sony Playstation Portable at risk in the PSP Complete Case. If the PSP survives the tests today, we’ll then test the PSP in their HardBody Case for the PSP. Check out our thoughts on the Slappa PSP Complete Case by reading on.

Slappa PSP Complete Case SLAPPA Distribution LLC. is a distributor of digital storage cases and accessories for digital products that are sold under the “SLAPPA� brand name. SLAPPA products have been recognized as “ground breaking� and “the best available�, and can be found at retail outlets around the globe. SLAPPA’s innovative team continues to produce quality style savvy designs for digital gear, such as CD/DVD storage cases.

Slappa PSP Complete Case Featuring the hard xEVA shell with graphite and their patented PVC exterior, Slappa’s PSP Complete Case also provides protection against the rain with rainproof zippers and nice heavy rubber zipper pulls. In one section of the case there is a large cargo net storage pocket allowing storage for extra PSP accessories. The other section includes several scubaprene (a non-scratching substance) storage bags with zelcro straps to adhere the scubaprene bags to the case. One bag is used for the PSP and includes slots for two extra memory sticks. The other two bags can be used for PSP accessories such as headphones, the PSP remote for watching movies and more UMDs. Separating the two sections there is a storage divider that uses velcro to hold the products in place and prevent scratching with super-soft, hand sewn UMD storage page for storage of six UMDs.

Slappa PSP Complete Case To test the Slappa case, I loaded the case with several UMDs, Sony’s PSP and an extra memory stick, the PSP AC adapter, headphones, remote, and another product currently in review. This pretty much filled up the case and pouches but I could have added a few more UMDs. I made sure the scubaprene pouches were secured to the interior of the case with the attached velcro.

Rain-proof Zipper The first test performed on the Slappa PSP Complete Case was the drop test. Dropping the case from varying heights and even tossing the case in the air, the contents of the case had not even shifted and nothing appeared broken. To make sure the PSP still worked I played a round of Tiger Woods.

Next, the Geeks wanted to see if the case was crush-proof and was tested by accident. On an overnight trip I had packed the Slappa PSP Complete Case in a duffel bag with my clothes. Without thinking as I loaded the back of my SUV, I placed my laptop bag with two laptops loaded on top of the duffel bag. The laptop case weighed roughly 12-15 pounds. When I unloaded I realized my digital gear faux pas. The Slappa case held it’s form and the contents of the case were not harmed. Again, I tested the PSP by playing a quick round of Tiger Woods.

Slappa PSP Complete Case I also wanted to check the claims of “rain-proof zippers” but with no rain occuring during the review process I had to make my own! To perform this test I turned on a shower and stuck Slappa’s PSP Complete Case into the water stream and turned the case. The shower stream was not on the hardest setting but was a fair model of real rain. After maybe twenty seconds I turned off the shower and dried the exterior of the case. The water did not seep through the zipper openings. To further test the “rain-proof zippers” I then placed the Slappa case in the sink and turned the water on directly over where the zipper is. After twenty seconds of sitting under running water, I dried the case off. Again, there was no water in the case and the external case was easy to dry off. I then played a round of Tiger Woods to, uh, verify that the PSP still worked.

Overall the Slappa PSP Complete Case is a really sturdy protection system for the PSP as the Complete Case survived the Geek’s drop, crush and water torture tests with flying colors!

You can purchase the PSP case at a 10% discount directly from Slappa.

What’s Groovy and What’s Sucky

What’s Groovy:

Not only is the Slappa PSP Complete Case stylish but it really does provide sturdy protection for your PSP. Also, the cargo net area is quite nice and easily stored the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 as well as the PSP AC adapter. Finally, the memory slots in the PSP bag are really nice touches for those of us that have multiple memory sticks for various games and with different videos on the different memory sticks.

What’s Sucky:

The Geek’s would like to see a handle or strap on the PSP Complete Case. When juggling the case with other cases or bags, the case can be a little hard to carry. Also, while there is an additional scubaprene case available for storing more UMDs, it would be nice to be able to store an additional six UMDs in pockets in a divider. Finally, the rain-proof zipper sometimes catches around where the velcro on the dividers connect to the case. By paying attention to the velcro when securing the dividers this problem goes away though and is not a show stopper.

Features Performance Quality Value
4 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars

The Slappa PSP Complete Case features everything you would imagine from most Slappa cases including a hard xEVA shell with graphite and patent PVC exterior and soft scubaprene inside the case protecting the equipment and UMDs from scratching as well as a section in the case holding a cargo net. Another nice feature is the extra pocket for memory sticks in the PSP scubaprene case. If only the case had pockets for more UMDs and a handle, we’d give Slappa five in features.

Slappa’s PSP Complete Case is a sturdy protection and case system for a PSP. While the rain-proof zipper is great, it sometimes catches near where the velcro on the section dividers connect to the case… but the zipper really does protect the PSP and accessories from water!

The Geeks again are impressed with the Slappa quality from the external toughness of the case to the scratch-resistent scubaprene internal cases.

For $29.99, this PSP case system is well worth the price for not only the protection the Slappa PSP Complete Case provides but also for holding all your PSP accessories in one compact, easy to bring along case. During the review process I took the case with my PSP on a weekend trip and I was able to put all my accessories including a Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 all in one easy to carry case.

4 Stars

Overall, for $29.99, the Slappa PSP Complete Case provides an stylish and compact way to hold and protect your PSP and PSP accessories and is well worth the money.

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