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Review: Able Planet Clear Harmony SI1000 Sport Earphones

Able Planet SI1000Able Planet recently sent me a pair of their Clear Harmony SI1100 sport earphones featuring their LINX AUDIO technology to test out. These are in-ear earphones with a twist, they have rubber hooks or arms that rotate into place behind your ears to keep the earbuds in place. If you’ve ever worn plain in-ear cans, you’ll know they eventually wiggle out no matter how tightly or far in you shove them, especially if you’re doing something active.

#CES09: New Harmony Universal Remote from Logitech

Woot! There will be a brand new Harmony 1100 universal remote control in February. This one boasts a completely revamped software platform, new personalization features and of course, access to the ever expanding database of devices that can be controlled.

As before, this sports palm-sized 3.5″ touchscreen, wireless RF control (using an extender), customizable icons and controls, charging station and Windows/Mac support.

It will list for $500.

Harmony 670 DVR Remote

Harmony 670 DVR Remote

Moving to the next gadget that dad’s would love to receive on Father’s Day… a Harmony Remote Control that can control up to 15 devices with a single, simple to use remote control. This remote not only controls up to 15 devices but the remote is designed to specifically work with TiVo and other DVRs with the essential DVR buttons built in.

Al Bundy from “Married with Children” would be in heaven with this remote in his left hand and his right hand sitting comfortably in his pants.

Harmony 1000 Universal Remote w/ Color Touchscreen

Harmony 1000 Universal Remote w/ Color Touchscreen

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’ll know we love the Harmony universal remotes from Logitech. This particular one does not disappoint. It’s a bit different from the others that have the standard form-factor of an A/V remote, can be held in one hand and with lots of buttons. It’s more like a game controller or a Nintendo DS, with a 3.5″ color touchscreen.

Review: Logitech Harmony 688 Remote

Review: Logitech Harmony 688 Remote

How many remotes does it take for you to control all of your entertainment devices? Even with ‘universal’ remotes, I still had to use some of my ‘native’ remotes for one function or another, and ended up using three different remotes to control five different devices. This seems to be a common problem in entertainment rooms, the other problem being the difficulty of using the remotes. Harmony has conquered both problems.

Welcome to the wife and mother-in-law friendly remote!

Gadget Gift Helps Lovers and Spouses See the Light; Johnny Light Improves Gender Respect, Harmony, Hygiene, Safety


Popular London-Based TV Program to Showcase Johnny Light Commercial on Feb. 5.

Looking for an affordable Valentine’s Day gift that is thoughtful, practical, unique and unforgettable? The patented Johnny Light(TM) delivers that all year long and teaches gender respect while improving household harmony, hygiene and personal safety, all for less than $14.

NEST smart thermostat

10 Cool Gadgets for Smart Homes

NEST smart thermostatWhile there are not any flying cars and no one is living in apartments on the moon, the modern smart home is an impressive technological creation. Whether you are looking for ways to automate your home for energy savings or simply for convenience, these 10 tech gadgets will add smart functionality to any home.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat automates your home’s climate control based on your schedule, preferences and built-in optimization software. Within a week, it will learn your routines and ensure your home is comfortable with minimal interaction. Wi-Fi integration also makes it possible to monitor your home or make changes from anywhere that you have Internet access.

Password Breaches Require New Thinking

Password breaches are becoming more and more common on web sites as hacker groups seemingly obtain hashed (and sometimes clear) passwords almost on a weekly basis from various web providers. This past week alone had three high profile password leaks with LinkedIn, eHarmony and Last.FM.

LinkedIn, a professional networking site, may have leaked as many as 6.4 million passwords. The password hashes are one-way encrypted versions of passwords meaning the password cannot be derived from the password hash. Hackers use pre-computed tables called Rainbow Tables to run through a dictionary of hashes comparing against the password hashes to arrive at the cleartext password. By the time the passwords were leaked on the Internet, several password hashes had been altered as the hackers that originally obtained the password dump had compromised those passwords already.

eHarmony was the next victim with as many as 1.5 million passwords stolen. The signs lead to the leak being performed by the same hackers as LinkedIn.

The Top 50 Geek Holidays

Geek HolidaysGeeks come in all flavors and declare their passion for everything from literature to politics to Star WarsCollege provides them with an excellent opportunity to band together with like-minded individuals and celebrate or promote the causes, people and studies that concern them most.

Nearly every day on the calendar boasts its own obscure or niche holiday — so many more exist beyond these! Lift high and proud that geek flag, and take the time to enjoy these mostly esoteric treats.

Our favorites have to be Sys Admin Day, and of course, Star Wars Day.

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