Gadget Gift Helps Lovers and Spouses See the Light; Johnny Light Improves Gender Respect, Harmony, Hygiene, Safety


Popular London-Based TV Program to Showcase Johnny Light Commercial on Feb. 5.

Looking for an affordable Valentine’s Day gift that is thoughtful, practical, unique and unforgettable? The patented Johnny Light(TM) delivers that all year long and teaches gender respect while improving household harmony, hygiene and personal safety, all for less than $14.

The Johnny Light — a small, green night light for the toilet – is activated by a gravity switch when the commode seat is raised. The gadget dismisses the need for disturbing overhead lights and warns women against those dreaded late-night “splashdowns” that embarrass, enrage and humiliate unsuspecting victims.

A humorous 60-second video can be seen at: A Johnny Light commercial will be showcased February 5, 2005 on “Denis Norden’s (12th) Laughter File,” a production of London Weekend Television which features pranks, practical jokes, behind the scenes fun, bloopers and foreign commercials. A 2004 Norden show attracted more than 8 million viewers and a 36% share of the British Isles television audience.

“Our device was originally intended as a gentle reminder to boys and men to ‘put the seat down,’ to resolve the long-running battle of the sexes in the bathroom: lid up versus lid down and to develop gender respect,” says co-inventor Bill Bradford, CEO of Johnny Light, Inc. in Burleson, Texas.

“Also, older persons have been known to break their hips when falling into a toilet bowl. The U.S. Census reports that more Americans were injured in 1998 by their toilet (48,964) than while using a hammer (45,426),” Bradford noted. “Frankly, a Johnny Light is a lot less expensive than either a marriage counselor or an orthopedic surgeon.”

More than 100,000 of the lights have been sold to date, due to its growing popularity as an ‘anytime gift’. RBJ’s sales generally increase around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and during the Christmas holidays. Now the product is turning up as birthday and housewarming gifts, as wedding favors, at bridal showers and bachelor/ bachelorette parties, and at new apartment and dorm move-ins.

The Johnny Light fits 94% of American commodes, requires no tools to install and sells for $10 to $13 nationally in more than 1,000 stores of a major home improvement chain, as well as upscale lighting. It also can be ordered by phone, 888-566-5483 or at The U.S. price is $12.50, including batteries, plus a $1.50 one-time shipping/handling fee (U.S. only), even if multiple units are ordered. Delivery requires two to three days.

Tests indicate the two-battery set lasts up to six months with typical use or provides light for six straight days. The unit tucks in a sanitary position, “out of harm’s way” from splashing and contamination. It casts a soft green glow in the toilet bowl that’s easy on sleepy eyes and improves hygiene.

The Johnny Light can “light the way to family harmony” all year long, Bradford contends. “It preserves dignity and creates household peace. Parents have even written us that it has speeded the potty training process for their young boys.”

The bathroom accessory has received media attention as far away as England and Italy and even been praised on a Japanese blog. It also has shown up on gadget, parenting, environmental, bridal and romance web sites in the United States.

“You can’t monogram or engrave it, but I guarantee it will be an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, party favor or housewarming present,” Bradford emphasizes. “Its glow warms every woman’s heart who has suffered a cold, wet indignity. Any person who gives or installs one wins both laughter and instant favor from his or her loved one — mother, wife, girlfriend, parent. It says, ‘I love and respect you.'”