Moji Knee Braces Reinvents the Ice Pack

Moji Knee Brace

Thanks to Moji, you don’t need to be in huge discomfort when you’re putting ice on your joints now. Their knee brace can be popped in the freezer to cool it down and then stays cool for 20 minutes – the recommended amount of time you should keep the ice on your knee for.

Unlike the ice bags of the 1900s, no moisture will make it to your skin, just the cooling power, so you’ll feel much more comfortable. The knee brace is also designed to allow movement when you have it on, meaning that you can still carry on with your activities with it on. Different compression levels are available and it comes in 3 sizes for different frames.

This ‘gizmo’ costs $90 and there is a long list of testimonials if you’re worried about its effectiveness and value.

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Price: $89.95
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