Guinness Gadget is Pure Genius

By Karen Bale
A STUDENT has invented an automatic Guinness pouring device that tilts the glass, fills it up then puts a shamrock design in the head.

Clever Anthony Hall, 24, is now hoping the Irish brewers take on the idea so it can be used in pubs across the globe.

The machine takes the ideal 119.5 seconds to produce the perfect pint and can be programmed to write anything in the froth.

All the barman has to do is place the glass under the pump… and wait.

Bournemouth University student Ant spent a year building the machine at a cost of £500.

The device was a big hit at the university where it went on show this week.

Anthony said: ‘It’s a bit quirky and drinkers like the shamrocks but it could save busy barmen a lot of time.’

A Guinness spokesman said: ‘It sounds ingenious and we commend him for his creativity. He has realised that what matters is providing the perfect pint.’

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