WWDC Keynote wrap-up

5) New camera system that, while on 5MP, includes a backside illuminated sensor and a 5x digital zoom. You focus by tapping the screen and the unit includes an LED flash. This will improve low-light photos. Also, the camera takes 720p at 30fps video. The LED flash works for video too. As if that isn’t enough (be careful, I’ve been sucked into the Reality Distortion Field)… Apple will be releasing iMovie for the iPhone! The app looks like the same iLife application for Macs from the limited demo. With the higher resolution screen, the app might actually make sense on the iPhone now.

6) iOS 4 with 100 new features including folders, multitasking, better mail, enhanced camera and photo apps, deeper enterprise integration (deeper consumerism for enterprises made easy) and Bing for search in addition to Google. With 100M iOS devices, Jobs explained that there is a market for the developer’s apps.